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lalamaziwa です。


	First CSW Alert, 18 December 2001
	NGO Committee on the Status of Women, NY

NYのNGO Committe の情報発信がかなり組織化されてきてますね。

おつもりでしょうか?(^o ^)

どうぞ よろしくお願いします。

---------------- Original message follows ----------------
 From: "Leslie Wright" 
 To: "womenact" <>
 Date: Tue, 18 Dec 2001 18:42:28 -0500
 Subject: [womenact] Information about the CSW meetings in March 2002

Dear friends,

I leave for Florida in a few short hours, but I wanted very
much to get this information to you before the new year. 
Attached please find everything we know to date about the CSW
and what the requirements are for attending.  Also, please
note that we will be hosting the Consultation,Orientation and
Reception again this year, along with the popular fundraising
event.  We will once more try the Artisan Fair, so if you have
handcrafted items you wish to sell, please let us know.

This year we will offer two advocacy trainings -- one just
before the CSW, the other the week following which will give
you information about follow up in your country.

I hope you will find the information useful and that it will
assist you in your planning.

Leslie Wright
Chair, NGO Committee on the Status of Women 212 692 0725; 
fax, 212 692 0724; email NGO_CSW_NY@hotmail.

NGO Committee on the Status of Women, New York
PO Box 3571, Grand Central Station, New York, NY 10163 USA
Phone: 212-692 0725   Fax: 212-692 0724   Email:

Information Note for the 46th Session 
UN Commission on the Status of Women

The NGO Committee on the Status of Women in New York prepared
the following information for the benefit of international
readers who are preparing for the meetings of the 46th Session
of the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women. 
Meetings listed below in March are in New York City, NY, USA. 
All meetings require registration and some require fees.

Registration for meetings at the UN - March 4-15, 2002
To attend the 46th Session of the UN Commission on the Status
of Women (CSW) your organization must be in consultative status
with ECOSOC and must register you with the UN Division for the
Advancement of Women no later that 15 January 2002.  Queries
can be sent via email by your organization to
Any changes to registration, including substitutions, must be
submitted to the UN Division for the Advancement of Women by
January 30.  There will be no exceptions.  The CSW meets from
March 4-15, 2002.

Security will be increased for all large public meetings at
the United Nations.  Expect to have long lines in the mornings.
When you receive your confirmation, you will be provided with
information about how to obtain your pass for the meetings. 
Please retain this information from DAW and bring it, your
letter of confirmation, and passport with you to the UN.

Registration for NGO meetings - March 2-15, 2002
NGO meetings begin March 2 and continue through the end of the
CSW, March 15.  As in the past, the NGO Committee on the
Status of Women in New York will coordinate with the Division
for the Advancement of Women to assist NGOs wishing to host
side events and other meetings in New York.  Some of these
meetings require either pre-registration or fees to cover
costs.  We encourage you to attend these meetings to help
prepare you for the CSW.

Registration forms for the NGO Advocacy Training Sessions for
the CSW, the NGO Consultation, the NGO Orientation, the NGO
Reception and Awards, the Artisan Fair, and the Workshops on
Fund Development will be available on the CONGO website in
mid-January -  Please click on the button for
the Consultation.  There is a package fee of $60 for a
combination of Consultation, Orientation and Reception, and a
flat fee for both advocacy trainings - just $20 for both, or
$15 for either one. (See descriptions below - more information
to come.)

Meetings Prior to the 46th Session
Please check for announcements of regional or national
training sessions that will be held by partner organizations. 
We are excited about the opportunities being offered to women
to prepare for the CSW in advance of arriving in New York. 
If you are holding such an event, please contact us so we can
tell others, or at least let us know so we can document what
you are doing.  We can be reached email at,
or by fax at 212 692 0724 in the US.

The NGO Committee on the Status of Women in New York will host
two Roundtable Discussions on the thematic areas, co-sponsored
with the Division for the Advancement of Women.  These will
be held on January 17th at the UN Headquarters in New York on
the subject of gender and natural disaster, and on February
14th on poverty across the lifespan.  Both of these events
will require UN passes to enter the facility, so please
contact Denise Scotto at the Division ( or fax
212 963 3463) ten days ahead should you require a temporary
pass to attend the roundtable meetings.  All ECOSOC and DPI
passes for New York-based representatives are accepted.

NGO Consultation on March 3, 2002.
The Consultation will be held in New York, but, because of
heightened security restrictions, it will not be at the UN. 
Registration begins at 9:00 am. The Consultation will have
panels on both thematic areas (Gender and Natural Disaster,
and Poverty across the Lifespan), and further information
about the Afghan situation and women's role in creating and
sustaining peace. It will be run in a consultative manner,
with ample time for NGO discussion. The event concludes at
4:30 pm, followed by a brief networking reception.  For
further information about registration and the location of the
Consultation, please contact the NGO Committee by email at or by fax at 212 692 0724.

We will post updates to this information with specific events
being held at the NGO CSW in Vienna and the NGO CSW in Geneva
as we receive the information.  Tell us your event and we will
post it as well.

We encourage all NGO delegates to do four things before coming.

These are:

1. Go to the Womenwatch website and read all documents that
   pertain to the 46th Session - 
   Reports from the Expert Group meetings on the two issues -
   Gender and Natural Disasters, and Poverty across the
   Lifespan - should be on the DAW website soon.

2. Try to meet and/or speak with someone who attended the CSW
   in the past.  You can contact us, we will try to give you
   the name of someone (if we have it), but usually the same
   organizations send different people each year, so you can
   contact your NGO to learn from a veteran!

3. Find out who will be on your country's delegation, and if
   your country is sending a delegation, try to find out what
   positions your country will be taking.  Remember, it is very
   likely that your government will already have formulated its
   positions before the delegates leave, so early NGO participation
   at country level is essential.  Be prepared to share
   information from your country at either the Saturday advocacy
   trainings, or at the NGO Orientation Monday afternoon.

4. Register for the CSW, and register for the NGO Consultation,
   orientation and reception.  If you are interested in advocacy,
   register for the Saturday trainings.

Don't forget to bring your confirmation letter from the
Division for the Advancement of Women, your passport, goods
for the artisan fair (optional) and any other correspondence
you might need with you when you leave!


Dates to help you plan

March 2, 2002
NGO Advocacy Training for the CSW - $15, or $20 for both
sessions (March 2 and March 9), noon to 5:00 pm, location to
be announced, registration required

March 3, 2002
NGO Consultation -- $35, 9:00 am to 5:00 pm, The New School. 
Pre-registration required

March 4, 2002
Registration at the UN for the 46th Session (only those
registered by January 15 and whose organizations are in
consultative status with ECOSOC will be permitted to attend -
information will come to you from the Division for the
Advancement of Women)

NGO Briefing at 9:00 am, United Nations Conference Room

Opening of the 46th Session; perhaps some NGO interventions

Orientation by the NGO Committee on modalities, security and
other issues related to working with the 46th Session 
- $10, 4:00 to 6:00 pm, Church Center.

March 5, 2002
NGO Briefing at 9:00 am, United Nations Conference Room

General Debate at the 46th Session; NGO interventions

March 6, 2002
NGO Briefing at 9:00 am, United Nations Conference Room

Morning and Afternoon Panels on the two issues being discussed
by the 46th Session - a) Gender and Natural Disaster, and b)
Poverty over the Lifespan; NGO interventions - these are 
responses to the panels and are not prepared speeches.

NGO Reception and Awards: the NGO CSW New York Woman of
Distinction Award and Awards from the NGO CSW Geneva and the
NGO CSW Vienna, $20, 6:00 to 8:00 pm, location to be announced
at the Consultation and at the first briefing.

March 7, 2002
NGO Briefing at 9:00 am, United Nations Conference Room

Discussion of the Secretary General's report on Communications
procedures for the CSW - report will be finalized and on the
DAW website shortly -

NGO Fund Development workshop - morning, offered at the United
Nations.  This workshop will be repeated the second week of
the CSW.

US Committee on UNIFEM luncheon - H.E. Mary Robinson will be
the keynote speaker.  Fee and pre-registration required
through the US Committee on UNIFEM (further information will

NGO Artisan Fair - noon to 6:00 pm at the Church Center. 
Women who have items to sell to finance their trip will be
able to sell them here.  Other items for sale will benefit
Afghan women's charities and various charities for children. 
Specialty items include handmade and indigenous items. 
Sellers should pre-register with the NGO CSW in New York -
email or fax to 212 692 0724.  
No entry fee.

March 8, 2002
NGO Briefing at 9:00 am in the United Nations Conference Room

International Women's Day celebration at the UN

CSW continues, with possible NGO interventions

March 9, 2002
NGO advanced lobbying training - what to do when you return
home?  This workshop is the second part of the training that
began the week prior.  It is not necessary to take both parts
of this training.  Fee (see March 2 for explanation of options),
noon to 5:00 pm, location to be announced.

March 11-15, 2002
Informal consultations among governments, with action on the
resolutions. Also being discussed are procedures for the work
of the CSW, which should be interesting to follow.  For those
who attended last year, you may remember that there was
initial discussion about these procedures, which resulted in
tabling them for further discussion, debate, and action.  NGO
briefings will be held from 9:00 to 9:45 am throughout the
second week in the United Nations Conference Room.  NGO side
events will continue throughout the week, and the fundraising
workshop will be repeated.

NGO Participation
NGOs may submit written statements for documentation to the
Special Session.  These statements must be submitted to Kate
Starr-Newell at the Secretariat (fax # 212 963 5935, telephone
# 212 963 4248) no less than six (6) weeks in advance of the
meeting, or approximately January 15th.  This gives time for
the statements to be processed, translated and printed as
documentation for the Session.  Your submission must include
the specific reference to the agenda item it addresses.

NGO statements can be signed by a number of groups, but only
those in consultative status with ECOSOC may have their names
printed on the documentation.  Only official UN translators
may translate statements that are part of the documentation,
but statements can be submitted in any of the official
languages of the UN  - English, French, Spanish, Arabic,
Russian or Chinese.

For organizations in general consultative status, statements
are limited to 2000 words.  Should a statement be longer than
2000 words, the organization will be required to produce a
summary, or sufficient copies of the statement in the official
languages. The statement can be circulated in full at the
request of the Commission or other subsidiary organ. 
Statements by organizations in special consultative status are
limited to 1500 words.  As with those in general consultative
status, if it exceeds these limits, a summary is requested,
and either the Commission (if requested by its members to do
so) or the NGO can distribute further copies. Organizations in
Roster status can only submit statements if requested.

Oral interventions by NGOs are permitted at certain places in
the agenda, time permitting.  NGOs will need to complete a
form which gives the name of the speaker, organization, topic
to be addressed, names of groups that endorse the statement,
and 17 copies of the statement (300 if you would like it
distributed to government delegations during your presentation).
These forms will be available on the DAW website soon, and
must be completed and submitted no later than 5:00 pm the
evening before the NGO representative expects to speak.  Oral
interventions are simultaneously interpreted and are not
generally translated into a written format.  The DAW has
informed us that if you are not present in the room when you
are called upon to speak you will forfeit your opportunity.

NGO side events - March 4 through the 15th 
These events will take place both weeks.  Side events are
meetings, panels, workshops, caucuses, and training sessions -
 anything that requires a room.  This year you will receive a
form for completion if you are sponsoring a side event. 
Please try to cosponsor events wherever possible, since space
is at a premium.  The NGO CSW will not be organizing caucuses,
 so if your organization wishes to establish a caucus, you
must complete a side event form.  Please be sure to indicate
who is responsible for the costs associated with your event,
as there will be a charge for equipment and materials.

Other relevant information
This year the members of the Bureau will change.  There will
be a new chair and new Bureau members elected at the first
meeting March 4. 

The new Director for the Division for the Advancement of Women
is Dr. Carolyn Hannan. Dr. Hannan was the keynote speaker at
the NGO Consultation last year.  You can read her speech on
gender mainstreaming at the CONGO website in mid-January  - - click on Committees, then select the NGO
Committee on the Status of Women NY.

First CSW Alert, 18 December 2001
NGO Committee on the Status of Women, NY

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