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Violence and Terrorism Shook the Nation

An act of violence and terrorism shook the American Nation in
an unprecedented tragedy.  After devastating the nation's
heritage and killing hundreds of innocent victims; the country
was plunged into pain and sorrow.

The effect of this evil act crossed the borders of the nation
and bound the international community with United States in
their fight against the evil of terrorism.

Association of Iranian Women USA (AIWUSA) expresses its
deepest sympathy to the aggrieved, their families, and the

We read the statements made by some of the leaders of women's
movement such as Anne Walker, Donna Hughes, Leslie Wright,
Charlotte Bunch, and Elie Smeal.

In her statement Elie Smeal from Feminist Majority
Organization, made a connection between the terrorist act in
New York and the Islamic Fundamentalism in Afghanistan. We
believe her statement entails an instrumental value in the
fight against terrorism.

We believe the fight for terrorism should start from a deeper
layer, which is fundamentalism. Terrorism is the tip of the
arrow being fed and supported by the mother source,

We as Iranian-American, have witnessed the evils of
fundamentalism, to name but a few  are gender inequality,
family violence, and constitutional violence. Fundamentalism
is in direct antagonism with democracy. Fundamentalism
believes western democracy leads to sexual promiscuity, and
that all their affiliations stem from the social inclusion of
an evil, seductive being, called women.

When it comes to foreign policy, fundamentalists believe in
meddling in the affairs of other countries by issuing "fatwa"
to murder foreign nationals and launching terrorist operations.
Such a foreign policy is an inherent nature of fundamentalism.
Since the establishment of theocracy and ruling of
fundamentalists in Iran, more than 120,000 Iranians have lost
their lives for the aspiration of democracy.

We must emphasize that the fundamentalists' misogyny is in no
way related to Islam or the call to faith by prophet Mohammad.
According to Quran and the teaching of some of the most
authoritative sources of the Islamic sects, the Islamic
fanatics have no Quranic justification whatsoever for
their atrocities or denying women right to rule or to judge.

These realities demonstrate how the ominous specter of
religious fascism haunts global peace. The world community has
a moral duty to confront and overcome this phenomenon. Since
women are the first victims of this onslaught, they have a
special role to play in the struggle against fundamentalism as
a threat to world peace.

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