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By Anne S. Walker

September 12, 2001


Firstly, our heartfelt thanks to all of you who have written or called 
with your thoughts and concern since the surprise attacks on the World 
Trade Center (WTC) and surrounding buildings in downtown Manhattan 
Tuesday morning, September 11, 2001. It was to have been not only the UN 
World Day of Peace but also a day of voting by the people of New York 
City for the Democrat and Republican candidates for the next Mayor. That 
event was soon postponed until a later date.

Everyone here at IWTC is fine though shaken. Our building was evacuated 
soon after the planes crashed into the WTC twin towers, with officials 
worried that the United Nations (UN) building would be the next target. 
As many of you know, IWTC is in a building that is opposite the UN. And 
our acronym of IWTC for International Women's Tribune Centre sometimes 
gets confused with 1WTC (One World Trade Center), further concerning 
those who thought we might be housed in one of the WTC towers. 

At 8.45am yesterday however, the two towers were filled with working 
people just like us, all of whom had done nothing wrong that day  except 
to turn up for work. This city is now filled with families of all kinds 
whose lives have been changed irrevocably by the loss of parents, wives, 
husbands, sons, daughters, brothers, sisters, partners and more.

I walked with thousands of New Yorkers down Second Avenue on my way home 
yesterday, the sky ahead of us filled with massive clouds of billowing 
smoke, fighter aircraft and helicopters. The only sound in a stunned and 
silent city was the scream of piercing sirens on ambulances, fire 
engines, police cars and buses. It was a surrealistic and frightening 
scene. Yet New York rose to the occasion and there were countless 
instances of people going out of their way to help others. With all 
tunnels and bridges  closed, the famed Circle Line cancelled all tours 
and ferried thousands of people from Manhattan to New Jersey. Anyone 
with a boat, big or small, ferried people across to Queens, Brooklyn, 
New Jersey. And at the call for blood donations, city hospitals and 
clinics were jammed with thousands of people lining up to give blood.

New York is still a shocked, stunned, and unnaturally quiet city today. 
It feels a bit like the day after a nuclear holocaust except those of us 
out of the line of fire are not physically injured.

New York will survive, the towers will be rebuilt, and life will go on. 
But it will be a different city and country in many ways with many 
questions to answer and many solutions to find. It behooves us all to 
think through the ramifications of this event and to work a little 
harder at conflict resolution and peace in our time and in all of our 
countries and regions.

Again, our thanks for  your thoughts and concern. It is deeply 

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