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Date: Wed, 05 Sep 2001 18:13:56 +0900
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Subject: WCAR Update 27 from Isis INternational-Manila

Indonesian government and NGO delegates meet to plan future cooperation

Indonesian non-government organization (NGO) representatives were very 
encouraged when their government delegation to the World Conference Against 
Racism (WCAR) invited them for discussions.

The Indonesian Ambassador in Geneva, His Excellency Mr Nugroho Wisnumukti, 
the Ambassador in South Africa, His Excellency Kardi Ady, and Muhammad 
Ansor, the Director-General of Political Affairs met with the NGO 
delegation to discuss areas of conflict in Indonesia that are based on racism.

The meeting ended with the decision to make up for past lack of 
coordination between government and NGOs and work in cooperation to push 
for equitable national regulation. Although the Indonesia government has 
already ratified international conventions for equity, "there are still 
many instances of discrimination and intolerance, especially wit regard to 
ethnic minorities and indigenous people," said Wahyu Effendy Gerakan 
Perjuangan Anti Diskriminasi, which works with ethnic minorities.

Another urgent issue to be brought up before the Indonesian government 
delegation is the situation of migrant workers. Tina Suprihatin of the 
Indonesian Migrant Workers Concorcium urged the government representatives 
to ratify the WCAR Declaration once finalized, and to enter into bilateral 
agreements with countries receiving Indonesian migrants.

Kamala Chandra Kirana of the National Women's Commission also urged the 
Indonesian delegation to support all mention of the discrimination faced by 
migrants and ensure that the term "migrant workers" is retained as such to 
highlight the special status of this section of people.

Mr Nugroho Wisnumukti convinced the NGOs that the government would ratify 
the WCAR Declaration. His Excellency added that the NGOs would be invited 
to participate in discussions that would be a follow-up to the WCAR. The 
next meeting will be called by Muhammad Ansor.

He also asked the NGOs to draft a note for Yusril Iza Mahendra, Minister of 
Justice and Human Rights, who had earlier this year promised elimination of 
every form of discrimination in Indonesia in a public speech. If NGOs work 
hand in hand with the department of justice and human rights to draft a 
regulation, said the Ambassador, we can together make this international 
convention as one of "the highest regulations in Indonesia".

Futhermore, he emphasized the importance of creating social awareness on 
these issues, especially in institutions and the judiciary.

Among the other NGOs who attended the meeting were David Widiyono, Benny 
Widiyanto and Fransiska Widiyono of GANDI, Koesparmono Irsan of the 
National Human Rights Commission, and Heru Tri of Solidaritas Nusa Bangsa.

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