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Women's Initiatives and Activities Worldwide
by Anne S. Walker

July 23, 1999


As part of the NGO Global Communications Network project (WomenAction
2000), an outcome of meetings between national, regional and
international women's media networks during PrepCom I for Beijing Plus
Five in March 1999, we are making efforts to locate web-sites that carry
information on the Beijing Plus Five review process.

Here is a preliminary listing of web-sites that we are currently aware
of. Please note that it is a beginning list only and some sites are
still under construction. Let us know of other sites that would be of
interest to people looking for Beijing Plus Five information, and we
will add these to this listing.

A. Global web-sites:

1. <>
WomenAction site for Beijing Plus Five planning (currently under
construction). However, the second issue of IWTC's special bulletin on
B+5 info entitled Preview 2000 is already available at:
More sections will be added as funds and information become available.

2. <>.
Women's Human Rights site still under construction, but some information
already available.

3. <>.
Center for Women's Global Leadership site, with special B + 5 section.

B. Africa:

4. <>.
Website for WomensNet, South Africa, including regular updates on all
matters related to gender (including Beijing Plus Five) in Africa, also
international news

5. <>.
FEMNET Africa site out of Kenya, in English and French.

6. <>
Brand new web-site of Isis WICCE (Women's International Cross Cultural
Exchange) based in Kampala, Uganda.

7. <>
Web-site of ENDA-Synfev, Senegal. The following 4 web-sites are also
part of ENDA-Synfev, which is part of the APC Women's Network Support

a. <>
Famafrique : web site for francophone African women

b. <>:
Electronic information service in French about women in Africa

c. <>
La toile d'elles: Bimonthly liaison bulletin for francophone African

d. <>"
Femmes2000: Information in French about the preparations of Beijing+5 in
Africa and worldwide

C. Asia/Pacific:

8. <>
Isis International/Manila's site for Asia/Pacific women.

9. <>
This site is run by the Asian Women's Resource Exchange (AWORC) for
Asia/Pacific Beijing Plus Five planning.

10. <>.
Part of the AWORC site for Asia/Pacific, includes good coverage of the
Beijing Plus Five PrepCom and the beginnings of the Global
Communications project (WomenAction 2000).

D. Latin America:

11. <>
ALAI web site out of Ecuador.  English, French and Spanish

12. <>
Fempress web-site out of Chile. Contains articles and other materials
about women in LA, many related to Beijing Plus Five plans and
preparations. Spanish.

13. <>
Brand new web-site of Isis International/Santiago, with plans for a
Beijing Plus Five section later. Spanish.

E. North America:

14. <>
Association for Women in Development, based in Washington, DC. AWID also
has a regular e-mail bulletin entitled AWID Exchange. Contact: <awid>

15. <>
CRIAW (Canadian Research Institute for the Advancement). Has section for
Beijing Plus Five plans and preparations in Canada.

F. Europe:

16. <>.
International Archives for the Women's Movement in Amsterdam. There will
soon be a new European B + 5 site launched through them that will
feature lots of information on NGO organizing around Beijing plus Five
in Eastern  and Western Europe.

17. <>.
The GreenNet/APC (Association for Progressive Communications) women's
site, UK.

G. United Nations:

18. <>
The site for UN follow-up to Beijing activities and events

19. <>
Division for the Advancement of Women

20. <>
Web-site for UN Commission on the Status of Women

H. UN Regional Commissions:

21. <>
UN Economic and Social Commission for Asia/Pacific.

22. <>
UN Economic Commission for Europe

23. <>
UN Economic Commission for Africa

24. <>
UN Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia

25. <>
Economic Commission for Latin America and the Carribean

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