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Covering Gender @ the WCAR NGO Forum, Durban 2001

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Roundtable on Gender, Race and Exclusion 
08/31/2001 - This roundtable was a space to tell personal
stories and share personal experiences around exclusion, gender
and race. The conversational tone and informal nature of the
discussion made it possible to have a more open discussion on
what could easily have turned into an academic exchange. --MORE

African Women Share Experiences and Identify Priorities 
08/31/2001 - Women from Africa held a regional meeting at the
Gender Commission meeting held on Wednesday. They identified
priorities in the fight against racism and racial discrimination
on their continent. -- MORE

Interview with Rehana Ebr.-Vally, author of Kala Pani, Colour
and Caste in South Africa 08/31/2001 - Exploring South African
'Indian' identity is what Rehana Ebr.-Vally's new book, Kala
Pani, aims to do. -- MORE

Broadcasting Hate 
08/31/2001 - While many of us have heard about hate sites on
the Internet, we may not be as familiar with hate radio. -- MORE

Fighting Racism in an African Context: Women Speak Out 
08/31/2001 - The Ilitha Labantu, a community organisation based
South Africa, held its second workshop in the Embassy Building
in Durban to discuss the issue of violence against women and
children. -- MORE

WCAR NGO FORUM : A Personal Perspective 
08/31/2001 - World conferences organised by the United Nations
are regular events, reports of which appear in the media. Yours
truly has relished in reading such stories but has never had
the privilege of attending any meeting of that nature. -- MORE 

Breakdown in communication means no participation by 350 South 
African women at WCAR 
08/31/2001 - 350 South African women who arrived at the WCAR on
Monday and who had been registered by SANGOCO, were refused
admission by security guards. The women who had travelled from
Gauteng by train were finally admitted today (Friday) the day
before the conference ends. -- MORE
Muertes innecesarias por sida son resultado del racismo, 
sostienen activistas 
08/31/2001 - Durban, 30 de agosto: En la provincia de Kwazulu
Natal, donde esta situada la ciudad de Durban, la poblacion
infectada por el virus del SIDA alcanza al 37%. "El SIDA se ha
convertido en una plaga para la poblacion negra y aunque como
enfermedad no discrimina, en la actualidad esta matando
principalmente a los integrantes de la raza negra, Esta
vulnerabilidad esta ligada a la pobreza, y la pobreza a las
cuestiones raciales, y estas cuestiones a la larga historia del
trafico de esclavos y el colonialismo", seala un documento
firmado por varias organizaciones africanas que luchan contra
el SIDA. -- MORE

La intolerancia religiosa como manifestacion de poder 
y control del estado 
08/31/2001 - Durban, 30 de agosto. La aplicacion de fundamentalismos
religiosos para conservar el poder y controlar a la poblacion
fue uno de los temas discutidos por el comite de trabajo sobre
"Intolerancia religiosa" en el marco del Foro de ONGs sobre
Racismo, Discriminacion racial, Xenofobia e Intolerancias
Conexas que se celebra en esta ciudad del 28 de agosto al 1 de
setiembre. -- MORE

Desmantelar la discriminacion institucionalizada 
08/31/2001 - Durban, 29 de agosto : La discusi'on en las
sesiones plenarias y los comit'es de trabajo hoy estuvo
centrada en la necesidad de aunar esfuerzos para desmantelar la
discriminaci'on institucionalizada que existe en el mundo y
que se refleja con crueldad en numerosos pa'ises y afecta a
millones de personas. -- MORE

HIV/AIDS and Treatment - A press statement 
08/30/2001 - As more than 10,000 NGO representatives, youth
activists and government officials from around the world gather
in Durban to discuss racism and related issues, Africa Action,
Treatment Action Campaign, Physicians for Human Rights,
Student Global AIDS Campaign and Oxfam GB strongly urge
delegates to address the most critical manifestation of
international racism - the failure of the international
community to respond to the AIDS pandemic in Africa. -- MORE

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