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Les Penelopes
August 2001 

" Violence: in when the tolerance zero?
You've surely noticed that we left you alone all summer. Others around
the world didn't stop acting during your daily summer lives. Beginning
with the G8 in Genoa (Agit'prop and Documents/globalization) that
couldn't be ignored.. But what can be gotten from that?  That the
criminalization of the fight against market-driven globalization is
accelerating, that Berlusconi, while playing the dunce is gaining ground
or that the "anti-globalizationists", as the media like to call them,
don't see eye to eye on the issue of violence? But really, when does it
start to mean something for any of these people? (Humor) When the young
Italian was shot to death point blank or when the 14,000 Russian women
are murdered each year by their spouses (Agit'Prop) Or when these
Congolese women are left to die of hunger (Agit'Prop) or yet again when
these Algerian women are massacred in the face of the greatest general
indifference (Agit'Propo and Solidarity)?  Or when this ever more sexist
advertising pervades our public space (001-001)?  Or when gays and
lesbians in Belgrade are systematically beaten up (Agit'Prop),
repudiating  one's wife by email in Kuweit (Net or Not). Are these
examples of violence toleratable? And prostitution, isn't it violence in
itself?  (OtherTake/Points of View). Pimp networds and regulationist
organizations voluntarily change it into "sex work", a concept that
conceals its deep causes and that we fight. Such violence doesn't
prevent resistance and the force of proposing (OtherTake/jSpotlight),
but as a sign of mourning, faced with such international collective
tolerance, we will no longer offer you this "subliminal" image that has
perplexed you so much since we began our site.=94

This month, on the Penelope site :

Crimes of consciousness, by Joelle Palmieri

Srijita Joseph, the refusal of prostitution, by Dominique Foufelle
The Nid Movement 
The International Abolitionist Federation

Points of View
Prostitution in Croatia, by Nevenka Sudar
Spring Study: keys for a renaissance, by Dominique Foufelle
SAGE =96 Women survivers talk to each other, by Dominique  Foufelle
For a criticism of the Cabiria policy pro-prostitution, by
Marie-Victoire Louis
Bargaining of the values or monetary value?, by Annie de Wiest
Fight against prostitution: reference sites
in Penelopes' archives:
- Fight against trade in women: a collage of actions, by Joelle Palmieri
- Europe only half the way in fighting against the trade in women, by
Malin Bj=f6rk
- Sweden: men under control, by Pascale Castro-Belloc
- Prostitution: a political problem. Abolitionism: a double language,
interview with Marie-Victoire Louis
- Prostitution today, Marie-Victoire Louis's talk at the conference
"People at the ebb. Prostitution today", May 16, 2000
- To build abolitionism in the 21st century, by Marie-Victoire Louis

Meeting in Quebec =96 For international coordination
"Reconsider the wealth"
Networks: future of the associations and organizations in the upcoming cent=
ESS: Women practitioners and academics moving closer
Women and starting their own businesses
Solidarity dynamics: a comeback

Malvira's classified ads
Place in the sun

Net or Not
Confirmed digital divide
G8: no boat-rocking
India: ITC to the rescue of the dowry's victims
Nigerian women on line to fight against poverty
Rupudiation by email
Talibans: even more censorship
First meeting of Arab women journalists
Gender on the net
Gender and technology
Bethino Prize: the comeback

The world according to women: that's no small story!
Mainstreaming examined
For gender justice

Inernet and women
Meeting tomorrow

Perrier is kaput!, by Laure Poinsot

Genoa or the counter-summit at the G8
        Maggy Grab's diary
        It would seem that farandoles kill only feminism!, by Maggy Grab
        A network for an organization!, by Maggy Grab
        Manifesto against the Genoa Social Forum
        PGA, anti and non-centralized market-driven globalization
        Testimony from Genoa
        Genoa in a state of siege
        Behind the clashes, new surprise effects
        A woman trade unionist strangled
Qatar: an impass for the WTO?
Mexico: "Let's globalize the fight, globalize hope"
Cotonou agreement: an impasse
FTAA denounced
"No to the world-wide selling down the river of public services!"
International financial institutions accused of fraud
Pepsi, a drink reserved for heterosexuals?
Ecological tampons and recyclable sanitary napkins
Big boops for teenagers
Never on an equal footing
Russia: war against women
Belgrade: "death to queers"
Homophobic violence in Belgrade
Separated rooms for the University of Yeshiva's lesbians
Call for a tourist boycott of homophobic countries
Orient House: the stigmata of the violence Israeli repression
Palestinian minors hunger striking in Israeli jails
Israel: surgeon and prostitute: same fight!
Austria: no improvement
Anti trials
AIDS at the UN
Istanbul + 5: what kind of roof for us? 
UN news channel
At the stern
Women's suffering in the Democratic Republic of the Congo
Congolese women  victims of famine
Ritual humiliations
Stoning in Iran is even worse
United Algerian women to demand a state of law
Tunisia: a democrat imprisoned
Nawal Al Saadawi freed!
Bulgaria: victory!
A women at the head of Amnesty International
Turkey: drink or sleep with the guy: one or the other
Nepal: Maoists against alcohol
Mattel overturned
European women against female sexual mutilation
Does enlargement of the EU rhyme with man/woman equality?
Think and speak my girl!
Parental emancipation of minors and abortion
Sex, science and technology
Is French advertising too sexist?
42 kilometers on food wears out more than shoes
Beginnings of a gendered bublic policy in the city of Paris
A really active Paris mayor
Local elections: figures before and after parity

Afghanistan: for the rights of women for peace and democracy
4th FIPU (International forum on urban poverty) in Marrakech
International Congress Mothers and Peace
Resistances to globalization
World Forum on food sovereignty
Women's memory excluded from history
One step forward to fight against poverty and violence toward women
Violence in Europe
Competition "Stop rape"
Reinforcing the rights of women in the membership processes
But what is the EU doing?
Development of gender relations in Europe
Love sisters
Foreign policy and women: a dead end?
Sciences: acting for equality
Promoting women and science synergy
Women and cities
What future and what tools for women's associations?
Sex and gender: continuity and change
History of violence

Turkey: against virginity tests
Manifesto of support of the Declaration of the Basic rights of the
Afghan woman the Algeria of horror
Women's NGO forum

Women  and media over the world
Barbara's Memories
Women Algerian in danger
Eat First


Classified Ads
Femininity and feminism
They travel: travel with them!
Become corespondents of 3a Madame Insurance
Conference: Women, Patrimony and Peace in Francophone space: call for colla=
Call for publications in International Management on the differentiated
approach according to sex

Pratical addresses
Women Under Muslim Laws, in French

And us?
Genoa: continue thinking and proposals for action
Attac's summer and solidarity in economy
Popular education: opening?
Meeting in Quebec: daily coverage
Remix the networks
Womenaction adventure in black and white

The image of the women in the advertisement: an afraid report, by
Dominique Foufelle Reactions to the questionnaire " The image of the
women in the advertisement ", by Marie-Victoire Louis

Akram Mirhosseini, a friend lost, by Sheila Malovany-Chevallier
Marie Ponchelet on her way to the women of Srebrenica, by Laure Poinsot

PIB: the ubuesque reckoning, by Olivier Rochemaure
Against-G8: daily diary, by Maggy Grab
A network for an orga!, by Maggy Grab
It would seem that farandoles kill only feminism!, by Maggy Grab
Genoa in a state of siege, by Carla Goffi, Pascal Roy, Denise Comanne
and Eric Toussaint
Behind the clashes, new surprise effects, by Arnaud Zacharie
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