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Press Release

      International Telecommunication Union

      Framework and venue of the World Summit on the
      Information Society announced

Geneva, 8 June 2001 - After extensive consultations with
United Nations agencies and with the two countries having
submitted candidatures to host the World Summit on the
Information Society (WSIS), the Secretary-General of the ITU,
Yoshio Utsumi, is pleased to announce the arrangements and
framework for WSIS. The Summit is being organized by the
United Nations system under the high patronage of Kofi Annan,
UN Secretary-General, with the International Telecommunication
Union taking the lead role, in cooperation with other
interested UN agencies.

The first phase of the World Summit will take place in Geneva
hosted by the Government of Switzerland in December 2003. It
will address the broad range of themes concerning the
Information Society and adopt a Declaration of Principles and
Action Plan, addressing the whole range of issues related to
the Information Society.

The second phase of the World Summit will take place in Tunis
hosted by the Government of Tunisia, in 2005. Development
themes will be a key focus in this meeting and it will assess
progress that has been made and adopt any further Action Plan
to be taken.

The modern world is undergoing a fundamental transformation,
as the Industrial Society of the past is rapidly evolving into
the Information Society of the 21st century. The Information
Society promises a fundamental change in all aspects of human
existence, including knowledge dissemination, social
interaction, economic and business practices, political
engagement, media, education and health, leisure and
entertainment. But the inherently global nature of this new
environment, and the uneven pace of its development - often
referred to as the Digital Divide, make it vital that
international dialogue take place and that worldwide
approaches be considered to facilitate the successful
adaptation to this new reality.

The aim of the World Summit is to develop a common vision and
understanding of the Information Society and to draw up a
strategic plan of action for concerted development towards
realizing this vision. The Summit will also provide a unique
opportunity to gather the world community to assemble at a
high level and to develop a better understanding of this
revolution and its impact. It aims to bring together Heads of
State, Executive Heads of United Nations Agencies, industry
leaders, non-governmental organizations, media representatives
and civil society.

The proposed themes address the central issues raised by the
Information Society and will likely include:

           Building the infrastructure

           Opening the gates: universal and equitable access
           to the information society

           Services and applications

           The needs of the User

           Developing a Framework

           ICT and Education

Under each of these broad themes, consideration will be given
to the relevant developmental, economic, policy, social,
cultural and technological aspects.

The initiative for the Summit originated at the 1998
Plenipotentiary Conference of the ITU, the UN specialized
agency responsible for telecommunications. Since
telecommunications will play a central role in the emergence
of the information society, the ITU will play a lead role in
the planning and organizing of the Summit, in close
cooperation with other interested UN organizations and with
the active participation of governments, the private sector
and civil society.

WSIS has already been discussed with the United Nations
Secretary-General and Executive Heads of other agencies where
strong support has been voiced in the Administrative Committee
for Coordination (ACC). A High Level Summit Organizing
Committee (HLSOC) composed of Executive Heads of UN agencies
interested in the Summit and led by the ITU Secretary-General
has been set up, with a mandate to launch the activities
related to the preparation of the Summit and in particular to
define its themes and outcome.

A series of regional preparatory meetings are being planned
for the year 2002. It is also expected that other meetings and
initiatives on the Information Society, including actions by
governments, the UN system, private sector and civil society,
will provide input to the preparation of the Summit.

Additional information about the Summit can be found on the
WSIS website at

For further media inquiries, please contact:

ITU Press Office
Tel: +41 22 730 6039
Fax: +41 22 730 5939

About ITU

The ITU is a world-wide organization which brings governments
and industry together to coordinate the establishment and
operation of global telecommunication networks and services;
it is responsible for standardization, coordination and
development of international telecommunications including
radiocommunications, as well as the harmonization of national

To fulfill its mission, ITU adopts international regulations
and treaties governing all terrestrial and space uses of the
frequency spectrum as well as the use of all satellite orbits
which serve as a framework for national legislations; it
develops standards to foster the interconnection of
telecommunication systems on a worldwide scale regardless of
the type of technology used; it also fosters the development
of telecommunications in developing countries.

Press Office
Telephone: +41 22 730 6039
Telefax: +41 22 730 5939/733 7256

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