Subject: [fem-women2000 66] Audio Clips from APWLD Lobbying Workshop (10.24)
From: lalamaziwa <>
Date: Fri, 29 Oct 1999 01:32:27 +0700
Seq: 66

This is the temporary website location of audio files

However, please note that files are extremery heavy and requires 
Real Audio plug-in to be able to make use of them.

1. Opening by Virada
   LobbyWS_01.ra (403KB  3.5 min)

2. Hei-Soo (Facilitator, Workshop)
   LobbyWS_02.ra (239KB  2.0 min)

3. Yayori (summary lobbying points from NGO Symposium)
   LobbyWS_03.ra (2,031KB 17.5 min)

4. Sunila (key areas for lobbying at this ESCAP meeting)
   LobbyWS_04.ra (1,968KB 17.5 min)

5. Hei-Soo (Facilitator, Workshop)
   LobbyWS_05.ra (176KB  1.5 min)

6. Thelma Kay (on ESCAP Process and collaboration)
   LobbyWS_06.ra (176KB 22.0 min)

7. Question and Answer (with Thelma)
   LobbyWS_07.ra (2,633KB 25.0 min)

8. Brainstorming 
   LobbyWS_08.ra (3,167KB 27.5 min)

9. Brainstroming -- continued
   LobbyWS_09.ra (1,022KB  8.3 min)

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