Subject: [fem-women2000 658] URGENT ACTION Requested
From: AIWUSA <>
Date: Wed, 02 May 2001 17:21:31 -0400
Seq: 658

Dear colleagues:

 By the barrage of last week's Scud Missiles, exceeding 75
 in count, The Iranian regime, the ruling mullahs,
 displayed another facet of their malignant nature. The
 Scuds took the lives of ten people, nine Iraqi civilians
 and one member of NLA, and left hundreds of casualties.
 The world kept watching in such amazement as though they
 were watching a display of firework. They further
 maintained their silence lest their slight word of
 protest would raise the price of oil by another penny.
 There is ample evidence that the world's silence and the
 United Nations inaction clears the way for the virulent
 Mullahs to plan even a stronger attack over the civilians
 and the members of Iranian Resistance. Please support the
 attached petition, in condemnation of such ferocious
 behavior. Our prior experiences indicate that even one
 voice; one endorsement will have its due effect in
 accomplishment our objective. If possible please forward
 the petition to other members of your organization if you
 deem it appropriate.

 With best regards,

 Behjat Dehghan


 Association of Iranian Women, USA---AIWUSA

 International Condemnation of Iranian Regime

 The United Nations Human Rights Commission adopted a
 resolution in its current session in Geneva, condemning
 flagrant human rights abuses in Iran including "the
 continued executions... in particular in public and
 especially cruel executions," "the use of torture and
 other forms of cruel, inhuman and degrading punishment,
 in particular the practice  of amputation," and pervasive
 discrimination against women and minorities in Iran.
 In its 22 years in power, the religious regime in Iran
 has a disastrous human rights record that includes
 120,000 political executions, hundreds of political
 assassinations and bombings abroad, hostage-taking,
 hijacking, export of crisis and sponsorship of terrorism.
 In an unprecedented act, the mullahs' regime fired 77
 Scud missiles at Mojahedin camps, Iranian Resistance
 bases, and Iraqi population centers on Wednesday, April
 18, which claimed dozens of civilian casualties,
 including women and children. According to news agency
 reports, Tehran announced that the decision to launch the
 missiles was taken by the Supreme State Security Council
 led by President Mohammad Khatami. Senior officials of
 the Iranian regime vowed to continue the missile attacks.
 The massive missile strike showed that contrary to
 Khatami's rhetoric about de-escalating tensions in the
 region, the ruling theocracy in Iran remains the biggest
 threat to peace and tranquillity in the region and would
 not hesitate to use weapons of mass destruction against
 its neighbors.

 We, the undersigned, condemn the Iranian regime's use of
 surface-to-surface Scud missiles and weapons of mass
 destruction against the Mojahedin and the Iranian
 Resistance and innocent civilians as another crime
 against humanity by the mullahs. We reiterate the need to
 adopt binding international penalties against the Iranian


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