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Initiatives and Activities of Women Worldwide
by Anne S. Walker

April 11, 2001

This issue of  IWTC Women痴 GlobalNet features the FACT SHEET of the 
Conference of NGOs at the UN (CONGO). If you would like to receive this 
Fact Sheet directly from CONGO, please contact Janice Fett, CONGO 
Communications Coordinator, at: <>


Many NGOs who participated in the United Nations General Assembly 
Special Session (UNGASS) on 易omen 2000(Beijing+5) are following the 
efforts to advance the Beijing agenda and to intersect gender with 
important themes in other United Nations conferences and special 
sessions. This is an occasional Fact Sheet compiled by the Conference of 
NGOs (CONGO) to provide information about upcoming events and to 
encourage the participation of women in these processes.  CONGO urges 
you to share this e-mail with other NGOs via e-mail or printed copies. 
An UNGASS will take place in New York 25-27 June 2001 on HIV/AIDS.  The 
intersectionality of gender and HIV/AIDS is being discussed in informal 
General Assembly consultations that are preparing the Special Session.  
In developing countries, women are usually victims of HIV/AIDS, through 
both coerced and voluntary sexual behavior. Along with their infected 
babies and children they now bear the brunt of the AIDS pandemic, yet 
they may be discriminated against in the prevention and treatment as 
well as in access to information in their own language. NGOs unable to 
participate actively in the special session can join the 
break-the-silence listserv, a worldwide forum for NGOs to have input in 
to the process. E-mail: to subscribe to the 
listserv. UNAIDS is the secretariat for the special session.  Web: More information about the HIV/AIDS Conference 
and links to official and NGO websites can be found on the CONGO website 
at <> . 
The World Conference against Racism, Racial Discrimination, Xenophobia 
and Other Forms of Related Intolerance (WCAR) will take place in South 
Africa 31 August 慰 7 September 2001.  A WCAR expert group meeting in 
Croatia on 闇ender and Racial Discriminationcalled for an 
intersectional methodology that could 印ncover ways in which various 
structures of subordination converge to the disadvantage of women and 
girls in both public and private life and should also establish 
instruments for remedies and redress.There has been growing 
recognition that various types of discrimination do not always affect 
men and women equally or in the same way and that gender discrimination 
may be intensified and facilitated by other forms of discrimination. The 
Office of the High Commissioner on Human Rights is the secretariat for 
the conference. Web:

More information about the World Conference Against Racism and links to 
official and NGO sites can be found on the CONGO website at 
Intersectionality was also a key theme of the 45th Session of the 
Committee on the Status of Women (CSW) in March.  The CSW focused on the 
thematic issues of Women, the girl child and HIV/AIDS as well as Gender 
and all forms of discrimination, xenophobia and related intolerance.  
Women痴 caucuses urged their members to lobby for the intersection of 
gender with the other issues in the CSW multi-year program of work.  
More information about the 45th CSW session, the adopted agreed 
conclusions on gender and all forms of discrimination, and plans for the 
resumed session 9-11 May can be found on the Commission website at 

To reinforce consciousness and enhance dialogue around crosscutting 
themes, CONGO is organizing a series of meetings on themes of importance 
to the Beijing Agenda in connection with these and other UN sessions in 
the coming months.  During the Commission on Human Rights being held in 
Geneva through 27 April, there will be meetings on 易omen and HIV/AIDS,
袷rmed Conflict and Women at the Peace Tableand another on 闇ender, 
Racism and Sustainable Developmentand each will feature a guest 
speaker from an African NGO as well as other experts. Similar meetings 
will take place at the Third World Conference on the Least Developed 
Countries in Brussels 14-21 May and at the  High-Level Segment of 
ECOSOC, in July 2001 in Geneva.   

The Conference of NGOs (CONGO) is an international, not-for-profit 
membership association that facilitates the participation of NGOs in 
United Nations debates and decisions. Founded in 1948, CONGO's major 
objective is to ensure the presence of NGOs in exchanges among the 
world's governments and United Nations agencies on issues of global 
concern. For more information see our website at 
<> or email <> 

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