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 Subject: Les Penelopes - Communique mars 2001

Les Penelopes
February 2001 

In between two March 8ths, we're still around!

As regular as March snow flurries is our Day. Did you know that now it
sells (Humor)? It's also the time to make pretty speeches, and, of
course!, the time to organize, meet, exchange (Agit'Prop =96 And us?).
This year, press coverage was honorable. But there are subjects that are
ignored or barely mentioned: abolition of prostitution, for example,
that is a big issue in Europe (Documents/Citizenship). The massacre of
the pre-Islamic statues called attention to another massacre in
Afghanistan =96 that of women. For the statues, it's too late, but for the
women, the fight continues (Solidarity). It is essential to get behind
it because the impunity of the Taleban puts wind in the sails of those
in other countries, in the name is Islam, harden the repression against
women (Agit'Prop). While in the America of Bush, the religious right is
trimming the sails in all legality of their rights (Agit'Prop).
Resistances, fortunately, are making headway. Present at Porto Alegre
(And us?), feminists will also be at the World Conference Against Racism
in South Africa (Agenda) and at the People's Summit in Quebec (And us?).
In rural, rather macho, France, women farmers are defending their jobs,
their status, their environment (OtherTake /Spotlight - Points of View).
Respect of the human being, respect of nature: the same claims dominate
here, in Brazil or in Senegal, where other women of the earth share
their experiences (OtherTake / Points of view).

On the Penelope site this month
March 8: a field day for advertising, by Joelle Palmieri

Agriculture:  a woman resists, iinterview with Claire Billaux by Joelle Pal=
Open unions

Points of View
To be woman, rural worker, in Brazil, by Marina Galimberti
"Tene Yacine":  a Senegalese experience, by Diop Baye Gueye
For the mobilization of women farmers, interview with Nicole Poupinet by
Maggy Grab
Try harder at parity, by Dominique Foufelle
The residents of Thau Pond join forces - the women as well! By Dominique Fo=
Words of women farmers, collected by Yannick Cavache
Roots: a network for budding ecologists, by Dominique Foufelle
The plunder of Foix, report by Francoise Matricon
Reasoned or reasonable? by Joelle Palmieri

7th European Conference for Social Economy
Symposium: Social Economy seen from women's point of view
Activist women rewarded

A site about and for self-managing Brazilian women

Net or Not
Still few women online 
Are women cyberconsumers?
Going after women consumers
The Palm gets going
"Leave Internet alone"
Stop water=92 monarchy
The recidivism of AFJ

To all disobedient women
Catalan women for Europe
Reflections on the convergence of art and technology
World guide of women leaders

Putting an end to sexist ads, once and for all! By Laure Poinsot

"Macedonian" and "Albanian" women for peace, but which peace?
War journal of a Kosovar Albanian woman on line
Battling prostitution in ex-Yugoslavia
TPI (International War Crimes Tribunal): will judging rape frighten them?
Death of a Tibetan nun in a Lhassa prison
Israel: sexism against women peace militants
Palestine: demonstrations repressed
Palestine: free women political prisoners
The Taleban hang so-called prostitutes
13000 Afghan women and children in danger of death
Iran: behind the Islamic veil, rapes of minors
Record number of suicides of women and young people in Iran
When Islam rhymes with internment, isolation and entombment
Unspeakable violence against women in Iran
Young girl tortured by her father and brother in Iran
Voting rights in Kuwait
Nuns, priests and AIDS
Sexist Brazilian songs
Ireland: fight racism and sexist discrimination
Spain: trouble among the judges 
Chili: the morning-after pill
Colombia: the night is ours 
A woman president for Peru?
The Peace Prize goes to four women
Stop the sale of light arms
Around the world on March 8
	It all adds up
	Women on strike by the English women
	Women on strike=85by men
	A Palestinian woman in San Francisco
	Impatience in Europe
	March 8 in Turkey - the follow-up
	Hope for Algerian women
	Gisele Halimi celebrates March 8 in Tunisia
	March 8 in Africa
	In Dakar, Senegal,  against war
	Militant Colombian women harassed by paramilitaries
	The Secretary General of the UN=85says
	The BA ?? and the BM??
	Still feminist
	March 8 on Arte: failed  provocation	
Moroccan leftists: reactionaries or hypocrites?
Racism and sexism: all together, with or without documents
Prolifers exploit old fears
The American government coddles employers
Did you say cutting edge sectors?
Sordid exhibit
The "Petit Fut=e9" persists and signs
Debate: Women, Islam and Fundamentalism
University of all learning: for intellectually curious women
Work & health figures
Time to enjoy life
When Oreal awards prizes
Oreal: don't fool with my image

Quebec, People's summit 
Barcelona: an intermediary public space for the information era
South Africa: world conference against racism
Islamic fundamentalism in France and in Europe
Women in France during World War II
Meet Marie-Jo Bonnet
A concert for Choice
First chair in Women's Studies-Gender Studies
Springtime for Lesbian and Gay Pride Ile-de-France associations
Women and bio-ethics: medical assistance for procreation
Simone de Beauvoir 
Women and society
My body is mine
Verbal defense on a day-to-day basis
Montreal: 1st symposium on 50-something women

Negar - Support of Women of Afghanistan
Mary Robinson sold on Islam?
Against sexist ads for Volkswagon and Volksbank in the Croatian press!
Against the prescription of incest
Segregation by name
For the rights of immigrants
17 years old, a plan for humanitarian tourism

May nothing frighten you - The struggle of a Tibetan Princess
APC publications
Maria Montessori and peace
Writing workshop
The world of associations
Poverty and social exclusion
Education challenges in Latin America

Europe and its citizens
Fair Play
Clara Magazine
Zweiwochendienst on line

Three voices

Kusama Yayoi
Frydman Monique
Hulka Zuzanna
Bosse katharina
Wery Marthe
Yoko Ono
Alice Neel
Florence Chevalier

Classified ads
Feminist planet
When art melds with rural life
Learn to dance with fear
Stories of violence
For the ordination of women
Canadian Institute for Women's Research - call for texts for the 2001 serie=
Seeking sponsors
Violence and women's bodies in the third world

Practical addresses
Institut Universitaire d'Etudes etc.

And us?
Call from Porto Alegre for the next mobilization
People and awareness building
G8 summit in Genoa
Women, economic solidarity and TIC
"Women, Islam, and fundamentalism"
The Wow! of business-women
March 3 in Saint-Denis
March 8 at the FNAC Saint-Lazare

Fighting racism and sexist discrimination, contributed by LEF

Europe midway in the fight against women's slave trade
Prostitution: a political problem. Abolitionism: two-faced language by
Marie-Victoire Louis
Prostitution today, contribution by Marie-Victoire Louis
Genetic rights in Poland

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