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 Subject: Arab Women Connect Launches its First Discussion on Arab Women and the  Media


The Arab Women Connect Project is pleased to announce the launch of its
first English discussion on "The Actual and Potential Role of  the Media
in Addressing Gender Disparity Issues".  This discussion will be
moderated by Dr. Jane Haile, Team Leader and Senior Gender Expert,
MEDATEAM 8 (Gender, Population and Poverty Alleviation) MEDA Programme,
European Union.

Below, please find a brief introduction to the discussion:

"Whilst we talk very frequently about the enormous influence of culture
and values on the formation and transformation of gender roles and
relationships, relatively little work has been done upon one of the most
important vectors of culture and values, namely the Media, both
indigenous and foreign.  I would like to start the ball rolling on this
important topic by putting three questions on the table:

1. What has been the impact positive/negative of the media (indigenous
and foreign) of the media
treatment of controversial issues such as FGM or "honour killings"?

2.Is there an evolution in the portrayal of Arab women by the media in
the Region or by Western
media ?

3. How can media be employed more strategically to address gender
disparity issues ? We have
marketing strategies to  address many other development concerns such as
breastfeeding, road safety, are the same techniques being
systematically applied to gender disparity

Please note that each topic will be discussed for two weeks beginning
March 25, 2001.

To subscribe to this discussion, kindly reply to this e-mail with the
message "subscribe media".
Please note that only those who respond to this e-mail will be

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Looking forward to an open, informative and lively debate!

Ra'ida S. Al-Zu'bi, Information Officer
PBP II,  UNIFEM Western Asia
Fax: 9626 567 8594 Tel: 9626 567 4689
P.O. Box 830896 Amman, 11183 Jordan

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