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** rough notes taken by lalamaziwa on 
3/13 CSW AM session
PANEL: racial discrimination, xenophobia and related intorelance
exchange of view will be summarized as chair present it.
agreed conclusion will be presented as input to the conference in south africa 31 aug 7 sept this year.

3:00 - Rm.B HIV/AIDS
informal on method

Gaspar is member of CEDAW. senior lecturer of \\\ in paris

81-88 french parliament
expertise in equality and work as consultant in ec
women's right parity role of women in migration and in france

Ms. Patel has worked as 
legal advice center in londons, works with victims of dv, criminal matters, etc.
has been involved with info campaigns that asian women are aware of biolence
equality between men and women. particularty so women can exercise on forced marriage issu.

Ms Assad is senior researcher amsterdam institute of global research, 
co-dir gender equalization and chilegood. visiting prof of uni california irvine.
 has extensively issue paper on gender and racism and held position in ngo go as advisor.

research inst. catholic universitin jakarta, national police force.
gender and development. especially women and health, empowerment of women, societal, rights ehtnic chines in indonesia an dother countries.

Francoise Gasper.

issue : rasicm and sexism
difficult question becasue new issue. first to deal with racism globally, and men and women also need deal with social situations different.
neglect for diversity of women. not only to do with gender but it will be contributuion to durban conference.
the sesseion started in january. will try to thematically present by touching upon 3 points.
1. women victim of reacism but sexim particularty touches uopon them. the need to take into account diversityo f women which are particulariy affected.
classyfy people on color religion, etc, this leads to situation where human being not recognized but debalued to a situation where she is representative of a group. in all societies, always had differentiation between men group an others.

2. grou p based on gender. very deep virtually universal, overlooked group. becasuse women are present in all social categories. in 1949 this sentence became known to mobilize women against discrimination. one becomes a women because there weas a condition. now there is medical condition to become a women .girls are also killed becasuse considered less value. girl deos not have same opportunity.
at end of 19th century, france grated citizen 74 to colored men. 
black men of usa after civil war. women in us no. therewas a category wcalled women .
this is caracteristic similar to race where women are considered "other" by men.

united nations to denounce racism. recently violation of women .
for sevearl years, the reports euro-comiision committed in june 2000 took account of differnce of human discrimination based on gender religion
this one couls\p[;.:/

sturuggle against fracism and phobia becomes one by calling htem names.
leads to explain tireloessly that does it exist. it kills
se\xism has same effect and should begiven attenstin. 
they must be conducted at the same time.
men and women to lead into struggle against racism.


there's statements at www.womenwatch.

critical areas of concern on gender and discrimination.
case in statement only one issue that might provide new ideas and provoke divate.
multiple discrination, eye witness testimony.
methodology to collect and analyze textimonies.
testimonies in everydaylife.
one may not expect qualitative statement.
the implication here is that there's multiple form of discrimination based on background. 
the intersectionality is converging sytem of discrimination.
there's form of everyday discrimination. and other forms of discrimination
qualitative and quantitative.

in public discourse, testimoniy oby women of color is useful - those exposed to discr is not conpetent to make decisions. the gender and racism context is useful for ngo and go to prepare lay people fo r legal action.
it holds possibility to take own voice inside seriously. 

actions implied in my approach:
large scale ----- in particular against women.
how to differnetiate - denial- effectively silences many. that they are against the law. the more effetive we become we become capable of acting against discrimination.

safe-space to intermidiary that are competent of expressing discrimination. eg. director for anti-racism shlter in canada -- womne can go to free themselves from symbol of racism. community ngo s have large role in providing shelter. women who are refugees can be experecnced -- shelteres are emvergencey. it dows not solve stru\ctural discrimination. gov has to work on it's and interact with other discrimination.
massive- continuous public campaign can be useful exp. to covert part for women of color and women in imigration.
more short term solution needed. need education to open violent forma of discrimiation. every day practice is nore difficult to prove thsu easy to deny.
simplifing the procedure to deman d protection from every day and other discrimination.

HR with empashis on women's ethinic, other relevant dimention is useful. can be delovelped in sochool, office, etc. womena re not sure abou tthier rights.

small introcuction.
have spoken to hundreds of women of color. have published first in 1980s.
they spoke of how it was encouraging.

action 3. tesimonies of comparative examples. over 50000 testimonoies were collected. not to say that testimonies are collected but to say that how diffrent form of discrmination convert to encoutner converging form of discrimination.

Ms. tan
observation based on sociology major.
1. back 
4.reaserach agenda

1. back 
society today is pluraistic in naure. globaliztion, movement of people, diversity can be positive by rich in diversity. negative because it is seed of conflications.
4.conflict within nation, differnce in ethnisity, religion, etc, 
5. shift in casulty form combatatnt to civilian.
6. gender- situation of armed conflict. race,. ethnisity play role, women and men has diffrentn - shows men and women expectation different in private and public life.
forced strerization of indeginous women.
trafficking of migrant women.
conflic increase, women of certain religion an drace are vulnearable to come to mass rape, etc. poverty 
in particulat situation women will continue to be high risk to bath room- DV
___room - rape
warroom - victim o\f armed conflict

1. economic crisis 
  -- pluraistic country will turn into violent unrest upon powverty. extraordinary victims 
intersection between gender 

2 armed conflict
policy action on authority reinforces mutural turst

3. hr of women 
4. poverty an\d economy - international migrant worker

tension turn into conflict. women \in 
certtain work situation , race, 
become victim of sexual violence including race
civil, military police.-- authority completetly -- 
become mass rape ignore integraty as women

law procedure aer inadequeate - terror to victim, witness, hr worker - need protection law to protect from harassment

migrant workers -- women has tendency to become migrant worker - significant number emplyed as house workeres prone to exploitation and violation by male employer, lack of education and information on rights makes them vulnerable


a) racism is a conscious mind set - ideology making attitude and behanvior 
establishing such need enmabling environment.
legal, mind of society, mind of women

appropriate training progarm 

4.reaserach agenda

research toiic 
understand root cause and ramification - 
legal reform of legal system w. respect to gender related violence
build capacity to manage diversity with special attention to its gender dimention 

tania patel

about time look at gender and racial discrimination.
marginalized group within marginalized group.  women in mareginals
ngos played major role for minority women. - have highlited how women experience explicit form of discrimination. not all marginalized woemn's experience have filtered into int'l discussion to address multiful form.

racial and gender discr. has been considered mutually exclusive but..
marginilized women has fallen with in the two stones.
black and minority women in UK has been seen as invisible because ...
startegy for racism has been black men's 
eliminating women's equality was for white women's equality.

there's something else going on -- in the collection bewteen the two. 
even in policies to combat both. unless gender incorporated, marginzalized women's experience marginalized. are actually reinforced. even progressive policy to deal with effect of discrimination sometimes reinforces other form of discrimination. 

want to show how even progressive racial discrimination policy can be discriminating to gender. multiple discrimination affects marginalized women.

gender is included means 
gender discriminating for marginalized women .
customary and traditional discrimination. ratial discrimination is rendered invisible.

immigration law, asylum law particularly influences marginalized women.
many country compromizes status of marginalized women 
bride - need 1 year provation.-- domestic violence victom means DV or deportation -- social procecution   .. no redress, no way of escaping DV.
racist natureed law -- good for some women -- 

important to incorporate racial dimention in social policies -- eg immigration policy.

immigaration policy emforces patriarcal nature of state policy

anti racist policy can be seriously flaud unless gender perspective is integrated.

multicultralism is a model accespted in uK for maojrity and minority communities. liberal notion of acknowlege an dtorelance and respect to diversity.
ends up reinforcing marginalized comuunity gender\(power ) relations.

gender classs - cast lines, -- minotity commnity - 
ignor power relation in minority community.
democratic, community leader- majority community
community leader actually trades individual autonomy (eg. women's children's right) against social autonomy. women and children are subject to violence 
eg. child marrige, fgm, etc. need to be "sensitive" permits these to creep to carry on. 

ensuring hr 
policy strategy - progressive 
racial , ethnic ,gender, 

sexual understanding of HR. 
integrating gender discrimination to all policy is not enough.
need intersectional sensitibity

cusotmary and traditional practices 
are not reinforced even by progressive and policies through frrame works based on equality. 

anti-racist, anti-racist policy can not be tolerated if it results in reinforcing gender-inequality.


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