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Subject: Onsite Report from 45th Session of the UNCSW  - No. 5
source:   Mavic Cabrera-Balleza, Isis International-Manila 
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date: 03.13.01
09 March 2001 =96Onsite report from the Forti-fifth Session of the Commissi=
on the Status of Women.

Asia-Pacific NGOs Strategise at CSW

Women from Asia-Pacific attending the forty-fifth UN CSW Session formed the=
Asia-Pacific Caucus and met to outline their lobbying strategies around the=
issue of racism, one of the thematic issue of this year=92s CSW meeting.

Organised by the Asia-Pacific Women=92s Watch, the meetings focused on the 
region=92s lobby document that addresses the issues of violence against 
women; migration and trafficking; women in armed conflict situations; the 
role of media in giving voice to women from minority backgrounds; and 
displaced persons and refugees. Moreover, the lobby document discusses the 
intersectionality of these issues with racism, xenophobia and other forms 
of intolerance.

Meanwhile, representatives of the Asia-Pacific Caucus have linked up with 
the African and Latin American regional caucuses to form the Southern 
Women=92s Caucus and assert the common gender and race issues among the thr=
Southern regions. The common issues identified were Indigenous Peoples, 
including Hunter-Gatherers and Pastoralists; Migrants and Trafficked 
Persons; and Internally Displaced Persons and Refugees. These issues, 
according to a statement prepared by the Southern Women=92s Caucus are 
located in the legacy of patriarchal colonialism. Patriarchal colonialism, 
according to the group, was=97and continues to be=97responsible for histori=
and contemporary injustice. Moreover, the group stressed that patriarchal 
colonialism intensified internal dynamics of ethnic-, religious-, gender- 
and class-based dominance within the formerly colonised nations of the Sout=

Prepared by Mavic Cabrera-Balleza
Isis International-Manila

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