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Thursday, March 8, 2001
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>> Putting an End to Child Marriages
On International Women's Day, the United Nations Children's Fund released a
report documenting the practice of child marriage in South Asia and Africa,
and the devastating impact it has on children, particularly girls.

>From the article: "For both boys and girls, early marriage has devastating
physical, emotional, intellectual and psychological consequences. The
practice virtually ends a child's chances of pursuing an education or
exploring professional and social life opportunities. 

>> Grassroots Women Unite!
Helen Drusine reports on a growing movement of grassroots women's activists
organized by GROOTS International (Grassroots Women's Organizations
Operating Together) and the Huairou Commission, organized during the 1995
Beijing women's conference.

Drusine writes: "In Montreal, buses let women off between stops at
night...In the Philippines, victims of domestic violence can now find
battered women's shelters...In Costa Rica, where one out of three women
suffer from domestic violence and 20 have already died this year, an
organization of women is lobbying government officials to make the law
against domestic violence more responsive to women's needs...All this is
possible because of grassroots women's organizing."

>> Celebration and Agitation on International Women's Day
This year, International Women's Day was marked by strong support for
women's rights worldwide. But even as IWD hit the international radar
screen, some of the greatest problems facing the world's women remain.

>From the article: "In hundreds of cities and villages around the world,
International Women's Day--March 8--has entered the consciousness of women
and men, policymakers and housewives, from Manila to Miami. But the everyday
reality of women around the world has yet to significantly change."


>> An Interview with Zainab Bangura of Sierra Leone
WomensWire editor Anaga Dalal interviews Zainab Bangura, who summoned the
collective willpower of her fellow Sierra Leoneans and forced the country's
military dictators to hold elections in 1996. Bangura forged her revolution
as leader of the Campaign for Good Governance and her struggle for democracy
at home continues in the face of renewed conflict.

>> Disaster Relief for All
>From Nicaragua to India, the rush to provide relief neglects the special
healthcare needs of women in developing countries. Ginger Otis investigates
the silent epidemic that has kept women's needs at the bottom of the barrel
when disaster strikes.

WomensWire ( or, is a web-based
magazine founded by Anaga Dalal, a magazine editor in New York. The site was
launched on March 8, International Women's Day, 2000 with a special edition
covering the U.N.'s upcoming review of the 1995 Beijing Women's Conference
(June 5-9), dubbed "Beijing +5".  The special edition was funded by a grant
>from the United Nations Children's Foundation (UNICEF).

For more information, e-mail Anaga Dalal at

W o m e n s W i r e
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