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Les Penelopes
February 2001

It's election time in France.  OK.  Nothing to write home about, seeing
as how internal party and/or candidate wars reflect the age-old
masculine ritual.  Nonetheless, circumstances lead us to come back to
the subject of parity (Humor).   Or what's left of it in the bill
Parliament voted.  On the other hand, concerning economic parity
(OtherTake) and participatory democracy (documents/globalization), the
people of Porto Alegre in the region of Rio Grande del Sul in Brazil
(And us?) floor us. As for Senegalese business women (OtherTake),
they're fighting structural adjustment projects, debt and other burdens
imposed on them by the big world financial institutions and are
proposing other economic and social alternatives.  Concerning other
atrocities we regularly pass on to you, there is little let-up: torture
in China, death penalties for lesbians in Somalia (Agit'prop),
Argentinean and Iranian women killed with total impunity (Solidarity). 
And meanwhile conservatives continue their litany: anti-abortion with
Bush (Agit'Prop and documents/sexuality), pro-life and anti Pacs in
France (Agit'Prop), sexual aggression by the populists in Norway
(Agit'Prop). The worst was the official welcome offered to a Taliban by
the French government (Agit'Prop).  But resistance rumbles more than
ever.  Israeli and Palestinian women occupy the streets of Tel Aviv to
mime the situation imposed on the Palestinian people in the occupied
territories; women from eastern Europe organize a counter-offensive
against the World Bank=85(Agit'Prop).  And then, symbolically or not,
March 8 knocks on our door with a myriad of meetings (Agenda) each
richer than the other.  And as nothing happens alone, we're inaugurating
(yes, again!) a new heading preposterously entitled "001_001" (under
Hop'Tic).  Here we propose, every month, a critical reading of an ad
which contaminates our public space.  Your reactions and suggestions
are, of course, welcome.

On the Penelope site this month

Parity  in our own back yard, by Dominique Foufelle

Senegalese business women, by Jo=eblle Palmieri
The Union of Women's Groups
Fatou Diop, a queen among the wise

Points of View
Brazil: social-value-added tee shirts, by Jo=eblle Palmieri
For an economy in the service of life; interview with Sandra Quintela,
by Jo=eblle Palmieri and Michele Dessenne
Equity in international economic relations, by Caroline Perrin
Equitable trade: the economy in the service of development, by Caroline Per=
AFARD: for a critical integration of gender in African research on
development, by Gabrielle Sch=fctz
For the mobilization of African women of France and Europe, linked to
their countries of origin. Interview with Damarys Maa, by Joelle
Palmieri and Gabrielle Sh=fctz.
Link among African women. Inteview with Roselyne Rollier, by Jo=eblle Palmi=
Dakar 2000: the women's court against debt, by Dominique Foufelle
The debt - saga of a catastrophe, by Dominique Foufelle

A bank for women in Mauritania
A development program in Mali
Senegalese women get involved in politics

Reference sites
Jubille South
Jubile 2000

Federation of Groups for the Promotion of Women, Region of Dakar.
AFARD =96 Sicap
Graide =96 research and support group for endogeneous development initiativ=
NGO USE (Union for solidarity and help) Network Gender and Development
in the Congad
IFAFE Arcueil Committee
Group "Women and Development"

Net or Not
Gendered digital divide
Marathon on line against racism on March 8
Inforoutes for joint custody in Senegal
Japanese women take the net by force
Radio training for Asian professionals

Action for Afghan refugees
Center of alternative media
SOSWomen reaches out on the net
A new feminist journal on the web
Yugoslavia: Businesswomen network

Paris is ours!, by Laure Poinsot

Current Events
Rape as war crime punished at the Hague
Status of the International Criminal Court: women's amendments
Croatian women demand justice
Torture in China
March 8 in contradiction with the war in Iraq
Bush at war against American women and all the women of the world
Anti-abortion offensive in the USA
Sexual scandals among Norwegian populists
Find the error: France officially receives a Taliban 
Summit of the Americas: anti-capitalist criminalization at its height
Palestine: stop the closing of the territories
Somalia: lesbians condemned to death
Maltreated Ethiopian women workers
Nepalese women out for their rights
Tests using quinacrine for sterilization
Kidnappings in Kirghizstan
Polygamy made in Taiwan
All against equality
A prostitution network stripped in Spain
the United Nations reacts to honor crimes 
Women united against AIDS
Ethiopian women fight back
Africa: women for peace
Towards a guaranteed fund for Ivoirian women
Australia: Try again!
How to make men aware of gender equality?
Racism and gender
The European women's lobby analyzes globalization
In the East, the World Bank is challenged
Europe under Swedish presidency
Project Young women =96 follow-up
More adjustments for the Pacs
Anti-Pacs mayors won't make it
The gay question and municipal elections
Proposals for parity
A 100% women=92s list
Women's world-wide strike , 2nd
Report of women's world march
Revolution at the CIO?
Violences and health
M=e9decins du monde campaign
No Backlash for the pregnant French women
Homage to Oskar's wife
All women to the Pole!

Oreal =96 Unesco: for Women and Science
Theater for solidarity
"Stand up! A history of the Women's Liberation Movement 1970-1980"
Conference: women's health
UFCS: Beijing+5 and NY+9
Women violence =85 women torture
Against torture and violence, still
SosFemmes for Algeria
Women, Islam, fundamentalism
Arte takes on men
Women and children first
Anarchist books meeting
Qatar confirmed
FIFF: 2001 batch
Lesbian spring
The stakes of women's participation in volunteer activity 
Women, associations and archives
Conference Women and Communists

March 8 Turkish style
Argentinean women assassinated in total impunity
Crimes against women in Iran
Asylum-seeking women
International conference on women refugees
Women in the peace process
For free distribution of the "morning-after pill"
Isotoner: adolescent girls' suicide call 
For a reform of the elected official's status
No one is born in breach of the law

Faith against choice
Masculine roles, masculinity and violence, the perspectives of a culture
of peace
Murder in the sanctuary
A for alibi

La Lettre de Parit=e9 (the Parity newsletter)
Bulletin of the LIFPL
Clara N=b0 63

Moldavian women escapees
The Circle
A cartoon against violence

Emilie Charmy
Val=e9rie Belin
Louise Bourgois
Wijnvoord Marian
Marie Thurman

Classified ads
Against repudiation
Contemporary feminism
Position as executive secretary at the Women's Caucus for International Jus=
University of Ottawa /  Carleton University =96 Possition as Joint Chair
in Women's Studies
The AFEM is recruiting
Lesbian humor
Internships at the Women's House, Paris

Practical addresses
Break the glass ceiling
Alfland's cyberspace

And us?
Communication: recommendations for the WSF
Porto Alegre follow-up
TEP: "the military, seat of the  non-being or the negation of the other"
Oreal - Unesco: for Women and Science
Parity, a stake of this March 8?
March 8 at the FNAC

To the rediscovery of the feminine in the great world myths, interview
with Fran=e7oise Gange, by Laure Poinsot

Ghanean women and their rights, by Maggy  Grabuwdija and Marina Galimberti
International NGO Woman and Earth
Women's NGOs in Ghana
Ghana: data

What will George Bush's impact be on the right to choose?, by Caroline Four=

And woman politicians in all this?

Participation in the budget at the heart of democracy, by Marina Galimberti

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