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Dear Friends,

ARROW Pro-active Information Service-Asia-Pacific List

Enclosed please find a message from Rosemary V.Calder regarding the above
workshop to be held in Singapore in May. Details are also attached.  Please
distribute the announcement in your economy as appropriate.

 She encourage all economies to send in applications to attend this valuable
workshop.  Please also note that economies may nominate more than one person
to attend the workshop.



Zailan Rose Kamaruddin
Programme Officer(IDC)
Asian-Pacific Resource & Research Centre for Women (ARROW)
Ground Floor, Block G
Anjung FELDA
Jalan Maktab
54000 Kuala Lumpur

Tel : 603-2692 9913
Fax : 603-2692 9958

Analysis and Evaluation of Gender Statistics Workshop
International Programs Center
U.S. Census Bureau

DATE: 		May 7-18, 2001 (2 weeks)
PLACE: 		Fort Canning Lodge, Singapore
OTHER COSTS:	Participants are responsible for their own
	round trip airfare to and from Singapore, lodging,
	meals, and incidentals (estimated cost of lodging,
	meals, and incidentals is US$1500).

Why Sex-Disaggregated Data are Important
The Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Ministerial
Meeting on Women, held in Manila in 1998, recognized the need
to reinforce the important role of women in economic
development. That meeting initiated the development of the
Framework for the Integration of Women in APEC, which was
endorsed by leaders and ministers in Auckland in 1999 and
included the following as principal recommendations for areas
of improvement: Gender Analysis, Collection and Use of
Sex-Disaggregated Data, and the Involvement of Women in APEC.
Sex-disaggregated data can be used to illustrate the differing
realities of women and men in society and provide the
foundation for policies and programs to address the needs of

Gender Statistics Workshop
This 2-week workshop, developed by the U.S. Census Bureau and
funded by APEC, provides training on how to evaluate the
quality and relevance of sex-disaggregated data and how to
produce a brief report using these data. These reports can
then be used to assist policymakers with decision making. The
skills learned in the workshop will enable the participants to
better use sex-disaggregated data to aid in the policy
development process, to assess the economic and social impact
of APEC programs, and to identify problems and future

Goals of the Workshop
? 	Improve awareness of gender issues.
??	Increase the ability to evaluate the quality and relevance 
	of sex-disaggregated data.
??	Strengthen capabilities of participants in gender analysis 
	and dissemination of data in support of development planning.
??	Produce brief reports on pertinent gender issues.
??	Improve computer skills of participants, particularly in the 
	graphical presentation of data.

Topics Covered in the Workshop
?	Crosscutting gender issues.
?	Sources and quality of data.
?	Review and evaluation of data.
?	Presentation of data.
?	Design principles for reports on gender issues.
?	Preparation of a gender report.

Who Benefits From the Workshop
Ideally, participants in the workshop will come from
government and nongovernment organizations. The target
audience includes staff responsible for creating sex-
disaggregated statistics as well as policymakers who might be
guided by the availability and use of sex-disaggregated data.
It is important that statisticians who are responsible for
producing the data attend the workshop so they can learn how
the data will be used to assess APEC programs and to help plan
programs that take into consideration the different situations
of women and men. 

?	Participants must be reasonably proficient in the use
	of microcomputer software, such as word processing and
?	The workshop will be taught in English.

To Apply
Please send a current resume and one paragraph describing your
relevant education, research, and/or work experience, and
indicating how participation in the workshop will benefit your
future work.

Individuals will be selected on the basis of their potential
contribution to the workshop and to future professional work.
Materials submitted with the application will be used to
assess applicants. The workshop will be limited to 20

Please send application materials to the address listed below.
Applications must be received by March 15, 2001.  APPLY EARLY!

Scholarships Available
A limited number of partial scholarships are available based
on the nature of the applicant's work, relevance to the
subject matter of the workshop, and financial need.
Scholarships will cover airfare, lodging, and/or meals and
incidentals. If interested in a scholarship, please indicate
in a second paragraph why you should be considered for a

Send Application Materials to
Victoria A. Velkoff
Chief, Aging Studies Branch
International Programs Center
Population Division
U.S. Census Bureau
Washington, DC 20233-8860

Tel: 		1-301-457-1371
FAX:		1-301-457-1539

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