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Women's Initiatives and Activities Worldwide
by Anne S. Walker, Rana Arabi and Linda Min

July 19, 1999

Because of the number of people calling IWTC for information on
upcoming conferences, workshops and other meetings, we are
focusing this issue on some of the many events that have come to
our notice. It is by no means a complete listing, and we will attempt
to fill in the gaps with a further Conference Calendar later in the
year when we issue a listing for 2000.

Conference Calendar - July 1999 - December 1999

JULY 1999

29-31, New Brunswick, NJ, USA:
"Women & Technology: Historical, Societal & Professional
Perspectives"  Hosted by Rutgers University, IEEE Society for the
Social Implications of Technology. Contact: David Morton, IEEE
History Center, Rutgers University, 39 Union St. New Brunswick,
NJ  08904, USA. E-mail:  <>


11-14, Kathmandu, Nepal.
"South Asian Mid-Decade Beyond Beijing Meet". Prior to this
meeting, a series of five workshops in five development regions in
Nepal will have been held to develop an alternative report for
Nepal. Contact: Anjana Shakya, Asia Pacific Watch and Beyond
Beijing Committee, GPO Box 4690, Kathmandu, Nepal. Tel: (977-
1) 520-054. Fax: (1-977) 521-180.
E-mail: <>

26-27, Bonn, Germany:
"Women Farmers:  Enhancing Rights and Productivity - A
Conference on the Roles, Constraints and Potentials of Women in
Agricultural Development". Organized by the Center for
Development Research (ZEF), Bonn, Germany, the Tufts
University, Boston, USA; and the University of Hohenheim,
Stuttgart, Germany.

This conference aims to "assess current knowledge on the role of
women farmers in agricultural growth; to identify current best
practices on the enhancement of rights and productivity of women
farmers; and to give researchers, professionals and politicians a
platform for presentations of new research and experiences from
the 1990s and discussion on issues of practical importance to
development in the next century."

Contact:  Katinka Weinberger, Walter-Flex-Str. 3, D-53113 Bon,
Germany. Tel:  49 (0) 228-73-1868. Fax: 49 (0) 228-73-1869.
E-mail:  <>


Aug. 31 -Sept. 3, Bangkok, Thailand:
Regional NGO Symposium for Asia/Pacific on Beijing plus Five
Review. At Kasetsart University, Bangkok. Contact: Tara
Sawanyatipat, Regional NGO Symposium Secretariat, 53/1
10110, Bangkok, Thailand. Tel: (66-2) 314-4316, 718-0373. Fax:
(66-2) 259-6171,224-9428. E-mail: <>

6 -11, Johannesburg, South Africa:
Africa Regional and Beijing Platform for Action NGO review WebSite
Building Session Workshop. Jointly organised by FEMNET and
APC-Africa-Women. Twelve participants are invited, representing
the main women's NGO networks in charge of the 12 critical areas of
concern .

Contact: Marie-Helene Mottin-Sylla or Marietou Dia,
ENDA-SYNFEV, 4 rue Kleber, B.P. 3370, Dakar, Senegal
Tel : (221) 821-60-27; (221) 822-42-29. Fax : (221) 822-26-95.
Email : <> or>
Website: <>

Asia Regional Review of Women and Media (Section J of Platform
for Action). Organized by Isis International-Manila. Prior to this
meeting, regional on-line dialogues will have been facilitated to
encourage broad participation within the region.

Contact: Chat Garcia, Isis International-Manila, #3 Marunong St.,
Brgy, Central District, Quezon City, Philippines. Tel: (63-2) 435-
3405. Fax: (63-2) 435-308. E-mail: <>
Website: <> or <>

10-12, Cambridge, UK:
"Women in the History of Science". Open Conference/Workshop of
the Women's Commission of the DHS/IUPS on "Women in the
History of Science: biography, autobiography, tasks, results,
problems". Organized by Newman College, Cambridge, UK.

Contact: Dr. Joan Mason, 12 Hills Avenue, Cambridge CB1 7X.
Tel:  (44 1223) 247-827, Fax:  (44 1223) 740-775. E-mail:
<> Website: <>

12 - 17, Belfast, N. Ireland:
"Into the Mainstream: Contemporary Perspectives on Domestic
Violence" The British Council: International Seminars

Each of the five days will be devoted to a different theme starting
with an exploration of violence against women as a human rights
issue. Topics will include: domestic violence as a human rights
issue, the effect of domestic violence on family and especially on
children, the criminal and civil justice systems' responses to
domestic violence, the relationship between civil/military conflict
and domestic violence, the way forward; the integrated agency

Contact: Rachel Lippe, Promotions Manager, British Council,
International Seminars. 1 Beaumont Place, Oxford OX1 2PJ, UK.
Tel:  (44-1865) 316-636, Fax:  (44-1865) 557-368.
E-mail:  <>

16 - 18, Brisbane, Qld, Australia:
"International Women's Conference '99". Partnerships for the Next
Millennium. Organized by the National Baha'i Office for the
Advancement of Women

This conference for the Advancement of Women, has 4 main
objectives - "to celebrate the spirit of women and to honour their
achievements; to recognize women as decision makers at all
levels of society; to focus on education and communication as
broad strategies for the advancement of women; to foster positive
partnerships for progress."

Contact:  Lyn Lane (61-2) 6241-9811, Program Committee, PO
Box 934, Dickson. ACT 2602, Australia. Tel/fax:  (61-2) 6241-9811.
E-mail: <>
Web: <>

15-16. Sarawak, Malaysia:
Conference of Information Technology in Asia:  "Information
Equality in the Next Millennium". Organized by the Centre for
Commuting and Social Responsibility, UK. Contact:
E-mail: <>


30-2, Minsk, Belarus:
"Writing Women's History and History in Gender in Countries of
Transition"  Organized by Centre for Gender Studies at European
Humanities University.

Contact: European Human University, Center for Gender Studies,
24 Pr. Skorniy, Minsk 220030, Belarus.
Tel: (357-17) 239-3383. E-mail: <>

10-16, Seoul, Korea:
1999 Seoul International Conference of UN NGOs. The Role of
NGOs in the 21st Century: Inspire, Empower, Act. Kyung Hee

NGO representatives are invited to join in monitoring and
exploring ways to implement pledges made by UN member states
at major world conferences, and in strengthening NGO
partnerships with the UN and its agencies.  The conference is
being organized by UN NGO/DPI and the Conference of NGOs in
collaboration with the Society International and the Association of
Korean NGOs.

Contact:  Office of the President, Kyung Hee University,
Dongdaemoon-ku, Seoul 130-701, Korea. Tel:  (82-2) 961-0005/6.
Fax:  (82-2) 961-0100. E-mail:  <>

14 - 16, Calgary, Alberta, CANADA:
Calgary Personhood Conference. "Global Perspectives on
Personhood:  Rights and Responsibilities",  The Rozsa Centre,
University of Calgary

This conference is being held in celebration of the 70th
Anniversary of the Persons' Case in Canadian history, whereby
Canadian women were recognized as "persons" in matters of
rights and privileges, and not only in matters of pains and

Contact: Lee Tunstall, Ph.D., Committee for the Institute for Gender
Research, Committee for the Institute for Gender Research, The
University of Calgary, 2500 University Dr. NW. Calgary, Alberta,
CANADA  T2N 1N4. Tel: (1-403) 220-7862, Fax: (1-403) 282-
6716, E-mail: <> Website:

26-29, Bangkok, Thailand: "High Level Meeting to Review the
Implementation of the Asia/Pacific Plan of Action and Regional
Implementation of the Beijing + 5 and Platform for Action".
Sponsored by UN/ESCAP (UN Economic and Social Commission
for Asia and the Pacific

Contact:  Thelma Kay, Chief, WID Section, UN/ESCAP, UN
Building, Rajadamnern Nok Avenue, Bangkok 10200, Thailand.
Tel: (66-2) 288-1989. Fax: (66-2) 288-1018. E-mail:


Beirut, Lebanon. Sponsored by UN/ESCWA (Economic
Commission for Western Asia). "Arab Conference on the
Integrated Follow-up to Global Conferences".

Contact:  Fatima Kassem, Chief, WID Unit, UN/ESCWA, P.O. Box
11-8575, Riad el-Solh Square, Beirut, Lebanon. Tel: (961-1) 98-13-
01. Fax: (961-1) 98-15-10. E-mail: <>.
Website: <>

11-14, Washington, DC, USA: The 8th International AWID Forum:
"Leading Solutions for Equality and Justice"

The Association for Women in Development (AWID) 8th
International Forum is designed to be a conference for both old
and new AWID members to communicate and generate action
around our common and diverse goals. A huge event is being
planned, with activities ranging from thought-provoking debates
about the politics of the global women's movement to practical
skills-building sessions, from market-place and exhibits offering
the latest resources and publications to workshops on
transforming development , and from regional caucusing to
coffeehouses for young women.

Contact:  AWID, 1511 K Street NW, Suite 825, Washington, DC
20005, USA. Tel:  (1-202) 628-0440. Fax: (1-202) 628-0442. E-
mail:  <> Website: <>

22 - 27  Addis Ababa, Ethiopia:
"Sixth African Regional Conference on Women to Assess
Progress Implementation of the Beijing and African Platforms for
Action". Sponsored by UN/ECA (UN Economic Commission for

Representatives from governments, civil society, inter-
governmental organizations and the international community will
participate as full partners in the deliberations. The format of the
conference is designed to catalyze the gender approach in
decision-making and implementation.

Contact:  Josephine Ouedraogo, Director, Centre for the
Advancement of Women (CAW), P.O. Box 3001, Addis Ababa,
Ethiopia, Tel: (251-1) 51-49-45. Fax: (251-1) 51-44-16.
E-mail:  <>
Website: <>


8 - 11, Montreal, Canada:
World Civil Society Conference 1999 (WOCSOC) Forum
International de Montreal, Montreal (Quebec) Canada H2Y 3X7.

Contact:  Cyril Ritchie, Chair, International Steering Committee.
CIC Case 20 - 1211 Geneve 20. Switzerland. Tel:  (41-22) 733-
6717. Fax: (41-22) 734-7082. E-mail:  <>

5 - 17, Haarlem, The Netherlands:
"International Training of Trainers Course in Gender and

The objective of this course is to train participants (those already
working in training fields)in developing training skills aimed at
promoting women's full and equal participation in all development
processes in order to balance gender in society, as well as
sensitizing staff from both Southern and Northern countries to
more equitable and sustainable development.

Contact: Noor Tabbers, Dorine Plantenga, Hettie Walters, Aukje
Zandstra,  Wilhelminastraat 18, 2011 VM Haarlem, The
Netherlands. Tel: (31-23) 534-2149. Fax: (31-23) 531-2481.
E-mail: <>

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