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Subject: ANNOUNCE- Radio Production Training for Asian Women Broadcasters: an Audio Documentation

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Radio Production Training for Asian Women Broadcasters:
an Audio Documentation featuring story productions created by the

Radio Production Training for Asian Women Broadcasters
23-28 April 2000
Bangkok, Thailand

Despite the upsurge of high technology communications, radio remains a
vital tool of education and communication amongst societies in the
Asia-Pacific region, particularly those sectors that are lower-income and

rural based. Given that media plays such an important role in shaping the
lifestyles and values of society, the women's movement both regionally
and globally, have sought to influence the use and form of media such
that women have access to gender-sensitive programming. Although radio is
seen as an important form of alternative media, particularly for women's
programming there is very little by way of production training,
gender-sensitivity training and sustainable networking in this region.
Isis International-Manila's research in women's radio programming affirms
that there is insufficient training, networking and actual materials
development in this area. The radio production training organised by Isis
International-Manila in April 2000 in Bangkok aims to start a process of
bridging this gap such that women broadcasters in both Asia and Pacific
are better equipped through gender-sensitive and technical training,
networking, strategising, mechanisms and availability of radio materials.
This project is also an attempt towards the interface between radio and
the new information and communication technologies

The training which provided hands-on radio programming expertise to
carefully selected women broadcasters from Asia is also an effort to
encourage the growth of women's radio programming in this region. It
equipped the participants with skills on interviewing for radio, studio
and location recording, cut and dub editing, digital editing, and the use
of Internet for radio. As well, there were also workshops on
gender-sensitive programming and broadcast developments in Asia.

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