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Les P=e9n=e9lopes
January 2001

First "Simone de Beauvoir" and then "Beijing+5"; now  Penelope is
opening an annual column, "OtherTake". Women's entrepreneurial spirit is
different, using other codes, pursuing other objectives, here or
elsewhere. We'll inaugurate it with a portrait of Plein Sud, an
intercultural neighborhood restaurant in Rouen (OtherTake/Spotlight).
This regular column will open up new paths of thinking. This time and in
several articles we'll look at the place of immigrant women in
civic-participatory life, the obstacles they come up against in carrying
out their projects and the stakes of their enterprise as women, as
immigrants, as citizens (OtherTake/Points of View). Fom these
initiatives of solidarity great potential for the society as a whole can
grow. To carry their message and proposals, the feminists were present
at the World Porto Alegre Social Forum (And us?). In Africa, in
particular, they organized national or continental forums (Agit'prop).
In India, they publicly challenged the pretty promises of the government
(Agit'prop). In France they remain critical of the declarations of
"their" Minister during the National Meeting on violence (Agit'prop).
March 8 is being prepared this year with renewed enthusiasm (Agenda). It
should surely be dedicated to Bariya Magazu, this young Nigerian girl
who was whipped because she had been raped (Agit'prop). The sentence was
finally executed, approximately at the same time that Bush took his
first political decision striking at the reproductive rights of women in
developing countries (Agit'prop). Human Rights defenders in the United
States immediately reacted:  What if this abortion opponent /death
penalty supporter galvanized civic-participatory mobilization? You can
always dream!

On the Penelope site this month:

Que viva the rebellion !, by Michele Dessenne

Plein Sud, a place in the sun, by Dominique Foufelle
Pierrette Soumbou - a portrait
Problems of status
The Re-active network

Points of View
Conviviality, a political choice, by Dominique Foufelle
Active and resistant women, by Joelle Palmieri
Immigrant and responsible women, by Joelle Palmieri
Chain reaction discriminations, by Dominique Foufelle

In Brief
A forum on financial solidarity
Euro-advisors for women entrepreneurs

Obtaining aid: who does what and where?

Net or Not
Appeal for funds to support women's place in the media
An online workshop to evaluate the World March
For a gendered view of the news
Malvira, of Brussels
Why such hate?

Jerusalem: peace weave her web
Esteur=92op: News from the East
Comparative analysis between sex
Mirror, oh beautiful mirror=85

Online news from the first World Social Forum in Porto Alegre
Onward with more CEDAW protocol!
Israel and the US finally in favor of an international crimes court
France: National Meeting for violence against women 
Whipped for being raped - the followup
Violence: macho-teenagers
Sexism and homophobia "rewarded"?
Sexual harassment of Togolese women in schools
No provocation allowed: the American version of honor crimes
Ghana: women demonstrate against serial killers
Florida: sexual abuse in prisons
Zambian women no longer want to be sold
Madagascar: good news, bad news
The suffering behind the smiles
>From one prison to another
Pro-lifers at the UN
Bush and women's rights
Will America remain secular?
Minors for life in the schizophrenic Arab Kingdom
Argentina: imminent signing of a decree on parity 
Will the Indian government keep its promises?
Officials snub a women's forum in Dakar
The third African women's forum
Struggle against racism
Support for Tibetan  women exiled in India
Legalized ass-pinching in Italy
Iran: students in danger of emancipation!
Iranian women denounce a new form of lapidation
Educating little girls in Burkina
Mali: instructing rural women will reinforce their role
Scientific research: where are all the women?
Discriminate and you pay
Guinean women condemned to celibacy
Fashion victims
Sexist advertizing withdrawn
A new "gender"  political party in India
Simultaneous policy against the free market
Pro-choice Conference:  the report
News from the Committee for the Defense of Medical Gynecology
World March: a national meeting
Canada: project =93Contact Young Women=94
Friends of our friends
Equal terms

Children's world summit
Women's House in Brussels
Women's House in Montreuil
The Simone de Beauvoir space, Nantes
Rue de la Libert=e9, Saint-Denis
Inter-union training on"Women's Rights"
Justice and gender differences
Violence against girls in school
Cocktail =96 debate
" NO ! a work-in-progress =85 " 
Canada : Woman international week 
International confe on women refugees

Against "honor killings" in Jordan
Support for outcast women in India
Support for the excluded in municipal elections
Sexist ads: the fight goes on
More creches for more equality!

Africa: cancel the debt to free up development
Jesus and women
Humor and parity
Denonciation letters

Equality Now. 1998-1999 - Report
News from Nikk.  No. 2
Poor men!

Woman as battlefield

Eileen Gray
Joumard V=e9ronique
Venice seen by Fiora Gandolfi
Bibougou Nathalie

And all the other exhibits

Classified Ads
A scientific feminist in Sri Lanka
Two contests
A questionnaire on Muslim women
The White Ribbon Campaign launches a fund raising campaign

And us?
First World Social From in Porto Alegre
A debate at TEP
On the road to Belgrad!
March 8th

Impressions of Turkish women in Paris

The Europe=92s fondamental Rights: Micheline Galabert=92s contribution

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