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Dear friends and colleagues,

Please find enclosed information on civil society participation
in the 2nd Substantive meeting of the PrepComm on Financing for
Development, taking place on 12-23 February in New York.

We look forward to our continued collaboration.

Yours sincerely,

Federica Pietracci
NGO Focal Point
FfD Secretariat/DESA


Who can attend the FfD PrepComm?

Civil Society organisations that are in consultative status with
the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations (ECOSOC) or
with the Financing for Development PrepComm, can send
representatives to the PrepComm meeting scheduled in New York on
12-23 February 2001.

ECOSOC or FfD accredited organisations planning to send
representatives should write, at least 1 week in advance of a
meeting, to the Financing for Development Co-ordinating
Secretariat (see below), Department of Economic and Social
Affairs. The letter, on your organisation's letterhead, will
include the list of names of the representatives attending the
PrepComm meeting.

ECOSOC rules do not permit participation of representatives from
organisations that are not in consultative status. If you are
unsure of your organisation's accreditation status, you can check
with the following sources:

* Check the accredited NGO list at
<>. If your organisation is
listed you are accredited.

* Contact the NGO Section (see below). The NGO Section maintains
up-to-date lists of accredited organisations including those that
have recently been granted consultative status but are not yet
included in the lists available on the Internet.

* Contact the NGO Focal Point at the FfD Secretariat (see below).

For future PrepComm meetings (30 April - 11 May 2001; 14 - 25
January 2002), NGOs that DO NOT have consultative status with the
UN Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) or the FfD process, are
welcome to apply for accreditation.

Applications for new accreditation should be submitted to the
Preparatory Committee through the FfD Coordinating Secretariat.
The application form is available on the Internet at:


Accredited NGOs without a valid UN ID pass will need to register
to access the UN building. Bring along a photo ID and copy of the
above mentioned letter. The registration will start on Monday 12
February. Additional information on the time and venue will be
provided in due time.

Organisation of side events

The FfD PrepComm sessions include side events scheduled (that is
between 1:15-2:45 pm and 6:15-8 pm) in UN meeting rooms outside
the regular meeting times, organised by civil society
organisations, governments or UN Agencies. They are a valuable
part of the FfD preparatory process as a way to generate informal
opportunities for exchange of information, experiences and views.

The following guidelines are applicable to all side event
organisers. Organisations wishing to organise side events during
the FfD PrepComm meetings are urged to read and follow these
guidelines closely.

1. Side events must be on topics directly related to the themes
of the FfD agenda.

2. Side events must be open to all participants of the FfD
PrepComm. Events that aim for an exclusive audience are not
permitted and organisers of such closed special events are
advised to seek alternative locations outside the main UN

3. Side event organisers that are non-governmental or
inter-governmental organisations must be accredited with the UN.
An exception is made for NGO caucuses, which are not accredited
on their own but involve multiple NGOs that are in consultative
status. When a caucus group is the side event organiser, one of
its member organisations must take the responsibility for the
costs related to the event (in case equipment or engineering
services are requested).

4. Side event slot requests must be made using the Side Events
Request Form (see Annex 1). This form allows the requestors to
indicate the title/description of their event, the preferred
dates and times, and the size of room and equipment they would
need for the event. The FfD Secretariat will make an effort to
place each event in the most preferred date and time although
given the number of events this is not always possible. In the
event that the preferred date/time is not possible, the FfD
Secretariat will consult with the organiser to identify a
suitable slot.

5. The side event requests must be submitted by no later than one
week before the start of the session. Requests received after
this deadline will not be considered. (Deadline for side event
requests at the 2nd FfD PrepComm meeting is 2nd February 2001).

6. The FfD Secretariat will make available the side event list
the week before the PrepComm.

7. Due to space and time limits, no more than two side events by
the same organisation or entity are permitted. This rule allows a
greater diversity of major groups and other actors to obtain time
and space to share their knowledge and views with other

8. The side event organisers must make grounds pass arrangements
for the individuals they invite as lecturers, presenters, or
speakers of the event. Last minute requests to the FfD
Secretariat for guest or visitor passes for invited speakers of a
side event are strongly discouraged.

9. Exact room allocations for side events are made when events
are confirmed in writing. All side events take place in UN
meeting rooms located in the First Basement of the main UN
Headquarters building. The FfD Secretariat reserves the right to
change the room allocation for an event even after confirmations
are sent. This change is sometimes necessary due to other
meetings that have priority over side events.

10. Inter-governmental meetings always have first priority over
side events and room needs of the Security Council have priority
over all other meetings. Side events may be cancelled at the last
minute if an inter-governmental meeting needs to use the room
where the side event was scheduled. In these cases, the FfD
Secretariat makes an attempt to reschedule the cancelled event in
another room or on another date so far as possible.

11. Side event organisers can request the following equipment and
services for their event: projectors (slide, video, overhead or
laptop-to-screen), microphones (standing mikes or use of the
sound system in the meeting rooms), projection screens, and sound
recording of the event (based on availability of a recording
station in the room). As most of these services and equipment
need to be set up or run by an engineer, their use implies costs
that the organisers must be prepared to cover. Equipment requests
can be made using the Side Events Request Form (see Annex 1) and
sent to the FfD Secretariat.

12. Organisers who wish to bring their own equipment (such as
laptops or laptop-to-screen projectors) need to notify the FfD
Secretariat at least one week before the start of the PrepComm
session so that the necessary arrangements can be made with UN
Security. Last minute requests for this type of arrangement are
highly discouraged.

13. Interpretation services are not available for side events.
Organisers should plan to hold their event in English.

14. Printed materials can be distributed during the side event
and during the FfD PrepComm meetings by using the tables placed
in the back of and just outside the meeting rooms. Since the
meeting rooms where side events take place are also where the
official FfD meetings are conducted, organisers are requested to
be responsible about material distribution and ensure that the
rooms are left free of clutter after their side event.

15. Distribution of printed materials that are not directly
related to the FfD agenda issues is not permitted during a side
event or at any other time at the FfD PrepComm meeting. The FfD
Secretariat will authorise removal of materials judged to be
inappropriate. Sale of printed materials or any other goods on UN
grounds during the side events or at any other time is strictly

16. Displays and exhibitions, unless organised through the proper
channels through the FfD Secretariat, are not allowed. Side event
organisers are advised not to set up displays or put up posters
on meeting room walls during a side event or at any other time
during the FfD PrepComm to avoid removal and loss of their

17. Food and drinks are strictly prohibited in the meeting rooms
of the UN. Activities that involve food or drinks, such as
receptions, are allowed only in the areas designated for this
purpose and must be arranged by contacting the UN Catering
Services (212-963-7098). The FfD Secretariat will not facilitate
these arrangements.

18. Publicising a side event is the responsibility of its
organisers. The FfD Secretariat will not produce fliers,
distribute notices, or run other publicity efforts for individual
side events. To inform participants about the FfD PrepComm
sessions and its events, the Secretariat distributes copies of
the full program on the first day of the meeting.

Organisation of Caucus meetings

Caucus meetings can be arranged on first come first served basis
by communicating the request to NGLS and/or the FfD Secretariat
(see above). The caucus meetings should last not more than one
hour to ensure that all requests are met.


        Financing for Development Coordinating Secretariat
    Two United Nations Plaza, DC2-2336, New York NY 10017, USA
             Fax: (212) 963-0443, Tel: (212) 963-8497

              Non-governmental Liaison Service (NGLS)
        One United Nations Plaza, DC1-11th Floor, Room 1106
                     New York, NY, 10017, USA
               Fax: 212-963-3125, Tel: 212-963-8712

     NGO Section Division for ECOSOC Support and Coordination
             One United Nations Plaza, DC1-14th Floor
                     New York, NY, 10017, USA
               Fax: 212-963-3892, Tel: 212-963-8652


                      Side Event Request Form
                             (Annex 1)
                       Fax to 1-212-963-0443

Name of requesting Organisation:

Contact Person:





Title of the Event (Please attach a description.):

Preferred dates and times (Please indicate more than one option
to help with the scheduling process.):

|          |           |                   |                   |
| Priority |  Date     |     Time Slot     |     Time Slot     |
|          |           |  1:15 - 2:45 PM   |  6:15 - 8:00 PM   |
|          |           |                   |                   |
|          |           |                   |                   |
| First    |           |                   |                   |
|          |           |                   |                   |
|          |           |                   |                   |
| Second   |           |                   |                   |
|          |           |                   |                   |
|          |           |                   |                   |
| Third    |           |                   |                   |
|          |           |                   |                   |

Need a room that can accommodate a total of (please chose one):

    [ ] 30-50 persons [ ] 50-100 persons [ ] 100-500 persons

Equipment and services requested:

    [ ] Slide Projector     [ ] Foldable Screen

    [ ] Overhead Projector  [ ] Laptop-to-Screen Projection Unit

    [ ] Video Projector     [ ] Sound (in room microphones)

    [ ] VCR/with TV monitor [ ] Sound recording

Other (please explain):

The costs related to the use of the above equipment and services
will be overed by:

                    (Name of the Organisation)

Signed by:

(Please print name and title below signature line)

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