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Leadership Competencies to face the Local-Global Challenges of the 21st

Five and a half day Seminar cum Workshop
30 October - 4 November 2000


For institutions of higher learning, the 21st Century is a futuristic period
of exciting and demanding change, challenges and opportunities.   One of the
key challenges of the 21st Century is that Universities have to develop,
progress and operate in competitive local and global environments

In these competitive circumstances,  Universities have to ensure the
relevance of their knowledge and information in their outreach to industry
and society.  Programs and courses have to be integrated and
multi-disciplinary and of  the highest quality to ensure that students are
relevant and meet with the market's needs.  In addition, Universities have
to be in the forefront of the advances in the fields of information and
communication technology for governance, administrative, educational and
learning purposes.   The success in meeting the challenges and maximising
opportunities depends very much on the quality of leadership, not only at
the top, but at all levels of management.

For women academics, this scenario places them in having to face
multi-pronged challenges.    In addition to the new demands of the rapidly
changing environment, women academics face another kind of problem.  They
are largely an under-used resource in positions of leadership and are
largely under-represented and under-recognised in their various
institutions.  This means that the potential of women academics has not been
maximised in leadership positions.

Given these circumstances, it is highly appropriate that one of UNESCO's
main priority programmes for the 21st Century is to spearhead the issue of
gender equality in higher education by providing the appropriate training
that will enable women academics to maximise the opportunities for
leadership.  UNESCO and Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia have established a
synergistic partnership to provide a strategic response to the challenges
facing senior women academics through this training and development
workshop.  The goal is to enhance the competencies of Asian women academics
to effectively operate as leaders in their institutions as well as the
community in facing the Local-Global competitive challenges of the 21st

Target Audience

Senior women academics who presently occupy, and those who have the
potential  to occupy positions of leadership

Participants will receive a certificate of participation endorsed by both

Seminar Venue

Hotel Equatorial, Bangi

Registration Fees

RM 650 for local participants and USD 175 for foreign participants for the
five and a half day international seminar/workshop. This will include
seminar papers, workshop materials, tea breaks, lunches and a welcome
dinner. Please make Cheque/Bank Draft out to BIRO RUNDINGAN DAN INOVASI,


DAY ONE 30 October Monday

9:00 - 12:00 	Opening preliminaries
		Keynote Address:

		Prof Eleanor Ramsay
		Pro-Vice-Chancellor, Equity and Development of the University of South

		" Women and Leadership in Higher Education: Facing International
		Challenges and Maximizing Opportunities

		Plenary session
		Prof Wang Yibing
		Principal Representative of the Asia-Pacific Region, UNESCO

		"The Changing Role of and Challenges facing Asian Leaders in Higher

		Plenary Session
		Y. Bhg. Prof Datin Dr Sharifah Hapsah Shahabudin
		Director, Centre for Academic Advancement UKM

		''The University in the Information Age - Challenges and Opportunities for
		Women Managers in Higher Education

12.00-2.00 	LUNCH

2.00-5.00 	Leadership and Management Competencies
		Prof Datin Dr Sharifah Hapsah Shahabudin & Dr. Jasbir K. Singh

		Leadership roles - strengths and weaknesses as a leader
		Balancing personal and professional roles
		Sharing institutional vision and  mission

5:00 - 6:00 	Official Opening of the Seminar/Workshop by
		Y.Bhg. Dato-Hjh. Shahrizat Abdul Jalil,
		Deputy Minister in the Prime Minister's Dept

6:00 - 7:00	High Tea and Getting to Know you Session

DAY TWO 	31 October Tuesday

9.30-10.30	Leadership and Management Competencies (cont.)
		Establishing and building teamwork
 		Decision-making and conflict resolution
		Relegation vs. delegation
		Appraising performance

10.30-11.00	TEA

11.00-1.00	Leadership and Management Competencies (cont.)

1.00-2.30	LUNCH

2.30-4.30	Leadership and Management Competencies (cont.)

4.30-5.00	TEA

DAY THREE 	1 November Wednesday

9.30-10.30	Leadership and Communication Competencies in the era of

		Assoc Prof Dr Saran Kaur Gill
		Head of the Academic Training & Division
		Centre For Academic Advancement

		Asian and Global communicative Competencies
		Cultural and gender dimensions that influence communication styles
		Acquiring dynamic communicative skills to project oneself in the
professional environment
		Assertive communication skills for Asian women leaders
		Persuasive communication & negotiation for Asian Women leaders

10.30-11.00	TEA

11.00-1.00	Leadership and Communication Competencies in the era of

1.00-2.00	LUNCH

2.30-4.30	Leadership and Communication Competencies in the era of

4.30-5.00	TEA

DAY FOUR	 2 November Thursday

8.00-8.30	Registration

8.30-9.00	Guests to take their seats
		The Regional Follow-up Committee for the World Conference on Higher
		Education (UKM & UNESCO)

		 (This meeting will involve high-level delegates in the field of education
		from the Asia-Pacific region.
		 All participants of the Asian women leaders seminar will be invited to
		attend the
	 	 opening and keynote address of this prestigious 2 day event.)

9.00-10.00	Keynote Address and Opening by
		Y.Bhg. Prof. Datuk Dr. Anuwar Ali
		Vice-Chancellor of Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia

10.00-10.30	TEA

10.30-11.00	Briefing on the World Conference on Higher Education by Prof.
		Charas Suwanwela
		Former President of Chulalongkorn University,
    		Member of Steering Committee for WCHE and UNESCO Advisory Committee
		for Higher Education

11.00-11.25	Briefing on the implementation of Declaration and Framework for
		Priority Action and Programme
  		Activities in Higher Education in Asia and the Pacific by Programme

11.25-12.30	Discussion
		Challenges and Opportunities in implementation of the Declaration of World
 		Conference on Higher Education in Asia and the Pacific Contex

12.30-2.00	LUNCH

2.00-4.30	Panel discussion on "Women Leaders in the Community:  Challenges
		and Opportunities"

		Y. Bhg. Datin Paduka Marina Mahathir
		(President, Malaysian Aids Council)

		Ms. Askiah Adam
		Columnist - The Sun Newspaper

		Her Excellency Jean C. McCloskey
		(Canadian High Commissioner to Malaysia)

		YB  Komala Krishna Moorthy
		(MIC's Information Chief

		Chair:  Prof  Datuk Dr. Nik Safiah Karim
		(Chairperson of NACIWID)

4.30-5.00	TEA

8.00-10.00	WELCOME DINNER for both FU Committee and Asian Women Leaders

DAY FIVE	3 November Friday


9.15-10.15	'' Global Entrepreneuship in the Corporate Sector: Personal and
		Professional Challenges and Opportunities
		Ms. Lena Olving
		Managing Director,Volvo Car Malaysia Sdn. Bhd.

10.15-10.30	TEA

10.30-11.30	'' Ways in Which e-learning Promotes Global Entrepreneurship
		among Women''
		Prof Dr. Nik Rahimah Yacob
		Vice-President, Business Development and Corporate Planning, UNITAR

11.30-12.30 	'' Establishing Strategic Alliances in Higher Education:  the
		Why, the Where and the How?

		Datin Kee Ming-Yuet
		Founder and President of Prime College

		Chair: Prof Datin Dr. Sharifah Hapsah Shahbudin
		(Director, Centre for Academic Advancement)

12.30-1.00	Overall	Discussion

1.00-2.45	LUNCH

2.45-5.00	Study visit to the Multimedia Development Corporation (MTDC) and
		the Putrajaya Administration Centre

DAY SIX 	4 November Saturday

9.00-12:00	*Regional Action Plans for the 21st Century

		Presentation by groups with comments and discussion

10.30-11.00	TEA

		Presentation by groups with comments and discussion

12.00-12.30	Presentation of certificates
		End of the workshop/seminar
		Closing Lunch

*Regional Action Plans for the 21st Century

Participants from the various countries will work out recommendations for
strategic plans and actions in both local and global contexts.

The recommendations will reflect the realities of their contexts, the
changes that need to be instituted in their various Universities, the ways
in which this can be conducted and the time frame in which the plans can be

These documents will be important to jumpstart the aspirations of the women
to lead with courage and humility to face the challenges of the 21st
century - an accumulation of the knowledge and skills gained and experiences
shared in this programme.

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