Subject: [fem-women2000 529] Up date's Siti Zaenab (Asian Migrant Workers)
From: "jcanet_y.matsumoto" <>
Date: Wed, 27 Sep 2000 18:21:13 +0900
Seq: 529

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 From: urban community mission <>
 Date: Tue, 26 Sep 2000 13:19:15 +0900 (JST)
 Subject: Up date's Siti Zaenab

Dear Colleagues,

Thank for your support and solidarity regarding the case of Siti Zaenab,
Indonesian woman migrant worker threatened to be beheaded in Saudi Arabia.

You could see the up date of her case posting at :

We are looking forward for your further support and cooperation.

Carla June Natan
Center for Indonesian Migrant Workers

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