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 Subject: Job Annoucement for Gender Audit Researcher

Hi Everyone,

This si a job announcement for a gender audit researcher for our lessons 
learned project. Please forward the following job announcement to your 

warm regards,


We are looking for a researcher for our Lessons Learned: Building Strong 
Internet-Based Women's Networks Project.

The Association for Progressive Communication Women's Networking Support 
Programme (APCWNSP) comprises active and committed members from all regions 
of the globe who work independently and autonomously on a wide variety of 
approaches and actions to empower women in the use of ICTs.

The WNSP facilitates the strategic use of ICTs in support of women's 
actions and agendas, to bring more attention to issues of concern to women, 
reinforce solidarity campaigns, enhance traditional women's networking 
activities and defend the rights of women to participate equally in civil 
and public life.

Since 1994, APC's global WNSP has coordinated research and "on-the-ground" 
activities that have highlighted the need for strengthening consideration 
of gender concerns in the planning and implementation of ICT initiatives. 
WNSP's extensive research and experience reveals that although more and 
more women are using the Internet, in every region, there is still a strong 
need for mentoring programs, plain language support materials, training for 
and by women, a support network of ICT-savvy women, increased capacity to 
participate in policy and lobbying activities around ICT issues, and 
funding to enable access and use.

In response to theses needs, APCWNSP will undertake an 18-month research, 
documentation and training effort to create resources and tools that will 
enable women's organisations as well as ICT project planners to implement 
successful women's networking initiatives.


In 1997, as a contribution to the Global Knowledge conference held in 
Toronto, the WNSP began an evaluation of its own research activities to 
contribute to the development of a generic ICT Audit Framework tool, which 
had been designed to learn more about the role and impact of ICTs on 
development projects. It became clear that practitioners and planners need 
more comprehensive tools and criteria to assist in considering the 
diversities of women's experiences and analyses, as well as women's 
strategic and practical needs, when evaluating the role and use of ICTs in 
development projects from a gender perspective. Such tools would encourage 
the implementation of stronger, more informed women's networking 
initiatives. This project component aims to build a practical and thorough 
gender methodology for ICT project planners, whether they are donors, ICT 
policymakers or women's organizations.

Further research, tool development, testing and documentation will be the 
main tasks for this project component.

Gender analysis and evaluation involves a systematic assessment of the 
different impacts of development on women and men. Separating data by sex 
and understanding how labour, access and control are divided and valued are 
basic components of a gendered approach to analysis and evaluation. The 
criteria for the effective integration of gender considerations into 
programmes and projects, and for its effective delivery of benefits to 
women, have to be carefully established at the beginning of the evaluation 
process. Progress can then be measured against these criteria according to 
the indicators set up to monitor it.


The main deliverables that the contractor will be expected to achieve and 
report on under this agreement are:

1. Identify strategic individuals/organizations involved in evaluation work 
and establish communications to identify range of different approaches 
adopted by NGOs and official agencies, and to determine evaluation 
methodologies, processes and experience.

2. Review gender and development analytical tools for identifying women's 
needs and interests.

3. Review gender-sensitive analytical frameworks (particularly those that 
situate analysis within a broader socio-economic  and cultural framework).

4. Undertake research with other groups and literature review to explore 
other variables that impact ICT relationships (such as race, class, sexual 
orientation, age and generation, history, culture and colonialism).

5. Analyse results of APCWNSP research studies for more indicators

6. Assist in developing an analytical framework to inform/guide APCWNSP 
evaluation work using analytical framework and 'case studies' as basis of 

7. Assist in developing evaluation tool with criteria and indicators.

8. Write the research report that includes significant findings as 
identified in #1-7 above. Revise and finalise the report according to 
recommendations by the gender audit project team. The research report will 
be between 40-50 pages (1.5 spaced, A4 size paper).

WNSP will use the 'evolving approach' to research:

~ learning by doing to ensure our work is constantly under critical review 
and that it informs longer term programming
~ participatory in that evaluation tools engage regional representatives 
who are directly involved with the grassroots women using these technologies
~ linked with action by ensuring that the results are "popularized" in 
order that both the data and action therefrom will be educational and 
empowering for the stakeholders.


The candidate must:

~ possess the ability to carry out the job responsibilities described above
~ know how to use Internet services such as email, mailing lists and WWW
~ feel very comfortable working in an 'online' environment
~ be familiar with gender and ICT issues
~ have at least three years experience in quantitative and qualitative 
research, particularly in the global context
~ have experience in women's organisations and feminist research
~ have good communications/writing skills.

The successful candidate may have to attend the WNSP Gender Audit workshop 
>from January 5-9, 2001 and availability during this period is desirable.


Please send a resume and statement of interest which includes the following 

~ description of your interest in working with the WNSP and APC
~ description of your background in research
~ description of your background in supporting women's networking and/or 
gender and ICT issues
~ description of your computer skills
~ where you live
~ languages you speak
~ other information you think might be of importance to our assessment of 
your application
~ include 2 references: names, relationship, contact details

The researcher will report directly to the WNSP Lessons Learned Project 
Manager and will work closely with the Lessons Learned Gender Audit project 

This a a part time position spread over eight weeks. The research shall 
commence on October 23, 2000 and the final research report is due on 
December 20, 2000.

Send your application letter, resume and two references by October 11, 2000 
via email to:

Chat Garcia Ramilo
Lessons Learned Project Manager,
APC Women's Networking Support Programme
email :
Chat Garcia Ramilo (Manila, Philippines)
Project Manager
Association for Progressive Communication, Women's Networking Support Programme

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