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 Subject: GP Alert #25: Millennium Summit Report Revealed!

"Millennium Summit Report Revealed!"

August 29, 2000

The Catholic Family & Human Rights Institute, a Right Wing 
ultra-conservative group based here at the United Nations, has now set 
its sights on attacking the upcoming Millennium Summit,  a meeting of 
159 world leaders to be held at the United Nations on September 6, 2000. 
This gives women's human rights activists a slight reprieve from their 
attacks I guess, but as they are clearly against many of the same  
issues that we all stand for, it therefore should be noted.

The introductory letter makes several points, including 1) that "the 
draft document to be negotiated by governments at the Summit is closely 
guarded and highly controversial" (which it is not on both counts), and 
2) that  "powerful people within the UN and those closely connected to 
it want to exponentially expand UN power into all aspects of human life" 
(this conclusion has apparently been reached because the UN is asking 
governments to sign several treaties, including treaties on peace, human 
rights, poverty reduction and environmental protection).

I leave it to each of you to make up your own minds about the troubled 
minds of this group. IWTC is in no way connected with them or their 

Anne S. Walker

Subj:	 Friday Fax/Millennium Summit Report Revealed
Date:	8/25/00 12:43:57 AM Pacific Daylight Time
>From: (Austin Ruse -- C-Fam)
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Dear Colleague:

C-FAM has obtained a copy of the closely guarded and highly 
controversial draft document that will be negotiated by governments at 
the upcoming UN Millennium Summit. The document shows the intentions of 
the UN to increase its influence and move closer to the center of the 
world stage. It is also meant to burnish what has become an increasingly 
tarnished UN reputation.

Among other things, the document calls for the ratification of seven UN 
conventions and for a world conference on nuclear disarmament.

There is no question that powerful people within the UN and those 
closely connected to it want to exponentially expand UN power into all 
aspects of human life. This document, however, does not advance what 
many see as an impending political apocalypse at the September

Spread the word.

Yours sincerely,

Austin Ruse

August 25, 2000

Volume 3, Number 39


* The working draft document for the upcoming UN Millennium Summit 
reveals a UN that is eager to regain lost credibility and to demand 
center stage. This comes after years of UN crises, including notable UN 
"peace-keeping" failures, ongoing financial and management problems and 
a string of controversial world conferences that have caused a widening 
rift between the UN and many governments.

* The Summit will bring together what is being called the largest 
meeting of heads of state and government in history. Up to 150 are 
expected for the three-day meeting beginning September 6 at UN 
headquarters in New York City. The meeting, which up to now has been 
wrapped in the usual pre-conference secrecy, has caused growing alarm 
among pro-family groups that expect the Summit to be a vehicle for 
expanded UN power.

* The "President's Working Draft," which won't be released to the public 
until just before the conference, shows the desire of the UN to be the 
central actor on the world stage. Summit participants will be asked to 
affirm their "faith in the Organization and its Charter as indispensable 
foundations of a more peaceful, prosperous and just world."

* Over seven sections the draft document calls for increased commitments 
to peace, human rights, poverty reduction, and environmental protection. 
Opening sentences give the document's feel "We will spare no effort to 
free our peoples from the scourge of war."  "We will spare no effort to 
free our fellow men, women and children from...conditions of extreme 
poverty." "We must spare no effort to free all of humanity, and above 
all our children and grandchildren,  from the threat of living on a 
planet irredeemably spoilt by human activities." "We will spare no 
effort to promote democracy and strengthen the rule of law."

* The document calls for the increased capacity for the UN to conduct 
peace keeping operations, the timely paying of UN dues, the "speedy 
reform and enlargement of the Security Council," the elimination of 
nuclear weapons, the "prevention of trafficking in small arms and light 
weapons," "debt relief for the least developed nations," and the 
"promotion of gender equality in its own right."

* The document calls for the ratification of seven existing treaties,  
including the Rome Statutes of the International Criminal Court, the 
Ottawa Treaty banning landmines, the Kyoto Protocols on global warming, 
the Convention on Biological Diversity, the Convention to Combat 
Desertification, the Convention on the Rights of the Child, and the 
Optional Protocol on the Involvement of Children in Armed Conflict . The 
document calls for one new treaty -- a Convention Against Terrorism -- 
and a world conference on nuclear disarmament.

* The draft document will concern many. If they come to pass, some of 
the ideas in the draft document will cause problems in the coming years. 
However, a seasoned diplomat from a very conservative UN the draft 
document. "My delegation will support it with very few changes," he 
said. The Summit is not expected to create a follow-up commission and 
the document will have no force in law.

Copyright - C-FAM (Catholic Family & Human Rights Institute).
Permission granted for unlimited use. Credit required.

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