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Date: Mon, 21 Aug 2000 13:32:23 +0900
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ARROW's Proactive Information Service-Global Listing

Dear Friends,

Here is an announcement of two job vacancies with AWORC (Asian Women's
Resource Exchange). The contact details are below.

Warm regards,


Asian-Pacific Resource & Research Centre for Women (ARROW)
Street Address: Ground Floor, Block G, Anjung Felda, Jalan Maktab, 54000
Kuala Lumpur, MALAYSIA
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 163, Gombak, 53700 Kuala Lumpur, MALAYSIA

Tel: 60-3-26929913
Fax: 60-3-26929958
E-mail: <> 

The Asian Women's Resource Exchange  (AWORC) is urgently in need of a
Project Administrator and a Researcher.

AWORC is an Internet-based women's information service and network in Asia.
It is an initiative geared towards developing cooperative approaches and
partnerships in  increasing access and exploring applications of new
information and communication technologies for women's empowerment. This
network aims to help expand existing regional networks in the women's
movement, promote electronic resource sharing and build a regional
information service that will support various women's advocacies
specifically those that are very critical for the women in our region.
(Visit <>  for
more information about AWORC)


The AWORC Project Administrator is mainly accountable for providing overall
coordination support to the AWORC Project Management Team in management,
fiscal and administrative functions for AWORC projects. She will be
responsible for 1) developing and implementing effective and efficient
systems, policies and procedures related to management AWORC projects 2)
preparing funding proposals, financial and other related reports as assigned
by the Project Management Team (3) maintaining regular reporting mechanisms
to AWORC members regarding project management and administration through
AWORC-meet (4) Coordinates with members of the Project Management Team in
overall project implementation andmonitoring of the AWORC projects

Accountability Objective: To provide overall coordination support to the
AWORC Coordinator and the Project Management Team in carrying out
management,fiscal and administrative functions for AWORC projects.
Tasks and Responsibilities:

1.	Prepares funding proposals , financial and other related reports on
as assigned by the AWORC Coordinator
2.	Prepares budgets for funding purposes and maintains all fiscal
related records for funded projects.
3.	Coordinates with the AWORC Coordinator and the Project Management
Team in overall project management and implementation.
4.	Provides fiscal and administrative support to AWORC projects as
assigned by the Coordinator.
5.	Coordinates overall fiscal monitoring of the projects
6.	Provides support and works closely with the Project Holders and
other designated project staff as deemed necessary by the Coordinator.
7.	Reports (and is supervised) directly by the AWORC Coordinator
8.	Participates in AWORC-Meet
9.	Takes part in the Project Management Team as a paid staff member.

*Familiarity and preferably expertise with the use and management of new
information and communication technologies *A minimum of two years
experience working within NGO networks and preferably women's networks.
*A minimum of two years experience in project management and all
administrative work related, including report writing, financial statements,
strategic plans and evaluations.
*Familiarity with electronic mailing lists and an ability to work
effectively in electronic spaces.
*Excellent skills in coordinating within a network and an ability to work
within a culturally diverse network of women communicators.  *Ability to
communicate effectively in written and spoken English.  *Self motivation,
ability to work with little supervision and within the context of a network
management team.
*Experience in proposal research and writing essential.
*Ability to travel
Salary:US$700.00 per month; accommodations and round trip airfare to home 
country will be provided
Contract period: 10 months
Starting Date: September 15, 2000

The successful applicant will be based in Seoul, Korea with the 
Asia-Pacific Women's Information Network (APWIN). APWIN is a member of the
Asian Women's Resource Exchange.


Region of contract: Pacific

Summary of the Project:  This is a research Project on the Status of 
Women's Organizations in their use of Information and Technology in Asia, 
the Pacific and the Central Asian Regions. It seeks to assess the situation 
of women's organised groups and their level of ICT use, how ICT is used in 
their work and what their training and networking needs are.  The Asian 
Women's Resource Exchange (AWORC), the United Nations Economic and Social 
Commission for Asia and the Pacific (ESCAP) and Isis International Manila 
are conducting the research. The Association for Progressive Communications 
Women's Networking Support Programme (APC WNSP) is managing the research in 
the Pacific. To read more about the research go to

Accountability  Objective: The researcher will be hired on an output basis
to coordinate the research project in the Pacific. The person will be
responsible for (1) assisting to finalize the survey form to be disseminated
(2) will engage in review of literature on the subject (3) will gather all
the forms and be responsible to compile the data, analyze the information
and write a regional report demonstrating the results of the research

Tasks and Responsibilities:
1.	Review research framework including the questionnaire for women's
organisations and make necessary revisions upon          consultation with
research coordinators.
2.	Review related literature/resources.
3.	Conduct the survey proper and wherever, possible initiate personal
contact and interviews.
4.	Follow-up with survey respondents to gather all the necessary
data.This would include the electronic reports, as well ask any tapes of
interviews, photographs, as the need may be.
5.	Collate, process and analyze data including quantitative and
qualitative processing of data; tabulation, translation of data into graphs
and charts, where necessary.
6.	Write the research report which includes significant findings,
implications of data gathered, overall analysis and
7.	Regularly consult with coordinators about the progress of the
8.	Revise and finalise the report according to recommendations by

*At least three years experience in doing quantitative and qualitative
research, particularly in the Pacific region.
*Preferably with experience in women's organisations, feminist research, and
the use of new information technologies.
*Ability in and access to computer and e-mail services. Experience in
working with research teams.
The research will commence in September and a final report is expected to be
submitted by the end of November. The researcher's salary will be US$2,000.
Send your application letter, resume and two references by AUGUST 31, 2000
via email to:
Chat Garcia Ramilo
APC Women's Networking Support Programme
AWORC Coordinator
email : <> 

Chat Garcia Ramilo (Manila, Philippines)
Project Manager
Association for Progressive Communication, Women's Networking Support
Programme <> 

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