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ARROW's Proactive Information Services-Women & Health/Asia-Pacific Listing

Dear Friends,

There will be an Asia-Pacific Conference on Reproductive Health to be held 
on 25th to 19th February 2001 in Manila, Philippines. I've placed some 
information on the Conference below. For more details (to register, apply 
for scholarship, etc.), please visit their website at: or write directly to:

Warm regards,


Asian-Pacific Resource & Research Centre for Women (ARROW)
Street Address: Ground Floor, Block G, Anjung Felda, Jalan Maktab, 54000 
Kuala Lumpur, MALAYSIA
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 163, Gombak, 53700 Kuala Lumpur, MALAYSIA

Tel: 60-3-26929913
Fax: 60-3-26929958

Asia Pacific Conference on Reproductive Health
                     15 - 19 FEBRUARY 2001
                     Philippine Trade Training Center
                     Pasay City, Metro Manila, Philippines

                     CONFERENCE INFORMATION   |   BEHIND THE SCENE   | 

                     Conference Overview   |   Scientific Program   | 
  News & Updates

                     THE BACKGROUND

                     The 1994 International Conference on Population and 
Development (ICPD) and the Programme of
                     Action (POA) that came out of the meeting, 
fundamentally changed the way nations around the
                     world perceive family planning, reproductive health, 
and population related programs. The POA
                     underlines individual's rights to the highest 
attainable standard of health and the need to provide
                     holistic reproductive health services. In effect, 
human beings are viewed at the center of
                     development policy in general and reproductive health 
programs in particular.

                     Nowhere are these issues more relevant then in the 
Asia Pacific region, home to the majority of
                     the world's population. The Asia Pacific Conference on 
Reproductive Health will be the first major
                     international gathering of RH professionals from 
throughout the region. They will come together for
                     an open sharing of information and experiences, 
exposure to the latest research and clinical
                     findings, material learning, and creative problem 
solving. The conference has the potential to sow
                     the seeds for far-reaching change and more responsive 
and humane RH programme in the next

                     THE OBJECTIVES

                     The conference hopes to fulfill the following:

                          To foster the exchange of ideas and experiences 
among researchers, educators, service
                          providers, NGOs, GOs, and policy makers from a 
wide range of Asian nations to tackle
                          challenges and opportunities for improving the 
reproductive health policies and programs in
                          the next millennium
                          To increase awareness and knowledge among RH 
practitioners in the Asia Pacific region
                          about recent developments in RH and related 
                          To explore, analyze, and understand the 
political, economic, and social factors that affect
                          the reproductive health in the region
                          To build consensus and collaborative 
relationships that will improve the quality of
                          reproductive health and quality of life in the 
                          To explore alternative strategies for meeting the 
RH needs of families living in poverty or
                          with limited access to appropriate health 
                          To improve the quality of RH and related programs 
by integrating RH into medical practice
                          and involving private sector and donor agencies 
in promoting RH

                     THE THEME

                     The conference will adopt the theme "Quality RH: On 
Track with the International Conference on
                     Population and Development (ICPD) Commitment."

                     The theme emphasizes the importance of promoting 
quality RH Care within the context of the
                     ICPD mandate. The multi-sectoral representations at 
the conference will provide an important
                     opportunity for taking stock of experiences and 
lessons learned after ICPD. The conference hopes
                     to raise the awareness about the importance of RH 
issues in comprehensive approaches to
                     development and bring forth the function of many years 
of collaboration between government and
                     non-government organizations, government official and 
policy makers, members of academe,
                     health workers, and international agencies in 
promoting RH over the years.


                          Maternal Mortality/Morbidity
                          Male Involvement
                          Quality Care
                          Adolescent RH
                          Needs of the Elderly
                          Prevention and Treatment of the Complications of 
                          Contraceptive Technology
                          Domestic Violence
                          RH Among Indigenous/Cultural Communities
                          Health Reforms
                          Best Practices

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