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Protest Khatami's Presence at the UN

We have learned that Mohammad Khatami, president of the Iranian regime,
is planning to attend the United Nations programs in September in New
York. He represents a brutal regime that over the past two decades has
executed 120,000 persons on political charges and imprisoned and
severely tortured hundreds of thousands more. Khatami's presence in the
United States and appearance at the UN contradicts the democratic, human
rights and other principles upon which our nation and the United Nations
were founded. Welcoming the president of such a regime is tantamount to
ignoring these values and sanctioning the atrocities committed by the
fascist theocracy ruling Iran. During Khatami's tenure, 670 public
executions have taken place and
13 persons have been stoned to death. Inhuman medieval punishments, such
as gouging out eyes and amputation, are routine. Khatami personally
ordered the crackdown on student protests. The persecution of religious
and ethnic minorities has continued unabated. On June 10, ten members of
the Jewish community were sentenced to long prison terms on bogus
charges of "spying." Forty-one members of the Iranian opposition have
been assassinated abroad.

Please sign the petition at the following URL:

To find out more about the atrocities and Human Rights abuses of the
Iranian Government, Please refer to:

Thank You For Your Support,
Iranians for a Free and Democratic Iran

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