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26th July 2000

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Call for Papers for Development journal issue on Women's rights and child's

The Society for International Development (SID) and the Bernard Leer
Foundation are pleased to announce a special issue of the Development
journal on Women's rights and child's rights to be published in June 2001
for distribution at the UNGASS on children in 2001.

We are looking for contributions from scholars, policy makers and activists
who are working either in the area of women's rights or child's rights (or
both) to write an article on the links among the different demands for
rights by women and child rights groups within specific socio-cultural

Articles should consider the similar concerns of women and children living
in poverty how children's rights to well-being are intricately linked to
women's rights to health, education, security and sustaining livelihoods.
Contributors should consider if there are actually conflicting rights, for
example in terms of early childhood care: how does women's rights to work
conflict with children's rights to have love and care and security? Other
concerns could be: how to encourage women and children to voice their
concerns and needs in public fora, how to explain the cultural and other
impediments for both groups to exercise their rights, how to create ways
for women and children to know more about their rights. 

The articles should be original, written in accessible language and if
possible with examples drawn from specific socio-cultural contexts.

The journal would build on a recent Development issue 43.1 'Children in the
New Millennium' with  guest editor Sadig Rasheed that celebrated the 10th
anniversary of the 'Convention on the Rights of the Child' (CRC). It will
also directly feed into a future issue planned in 2001 with UNICEF on
'Violence Against Women and the Culture of Masculinity'

Those interested should send by e-mail to, cc their name, bio-note, article title and 100 word
abstract. Those applying should also indicate if they would like a
complimentary copy of Development 43.1 referred to above. The deadline for
applications would be 30 September 2000.

Following a review of the abstracts by SID and BV Leer Foundation in
October 2000 the successful contributors would be sent guidelines for
preparation of the article and asked  to submit an article of around 3,000
words by the week ending 15 December 2000. Each author will receive a
complimentary copy of the journal and  25 off-prints.

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