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> Subject: Position Announcement
> WEDO is recruiting a Program Director for Economic Justice. This is
> obviously a very critical position for WEDO. I would very much appreciate
> any suggestions you might have for possible candidiates. I would also
> appreciate if you could circulate the attached job description to your
> networks.
> Thank you for your help.
> June Zeitlin
> Executive Director
> Women's Environment and Dvelopment Organization
> 355 Lexington Avenue
> New York, NY 10017
> Tel: (212) 973-0325
> Fax:(212) 973-0335
> =3d=3d=3d=3d=3d=3d=3d=3d=3d=3d=3d=3d=3d=3d=3d=3d=3d=3d=3d=3d=3d=3d=3d=3d=
> Program Director for Economic Justice
> In consultation with the Executive Director, responsible for developing
> imple-menting WEDO's strategic advocacy program on economic justice.
>  WEDO is an international advocacy network that works to empower women in
> all their diversity who are committed to economic and social justice, a
> peaceful and healthy planet and human rights for all, to play a powerful
> role in policymaking institutions, fora and processes at all levels
> worldwide. In the area of economic justice, WEDO has cov-ered a wide rang=
> of macroeconomic issues related to poverty eradication, global trade, deb=
> cancellation and allocation of resources, particularly as they impact on
> women.  WEDO works on these issues in a variety of international fora,
> primarily at the UN moni-toring implementation of international conferenc=
> agreements (e.g. Women's Confer-ence, Social Summit, Earth Summit) and
> recently at the World Trade Organization and other international financia=
> institutions.
> WEDO utilizes a holistic approach linking economic issues to sustainable
> develop-ment and governance as well as human rights. Therefore close
> collaboration and coordi-nation is essential across WEDO program areas an=
> with other women's networks in these fields. WEDO is also seeking to buil=
> on its work at the UN and the international fora to strengthen its
> partnership with key national and regional women's organizations in
> implementing these strategies.
> In consultation with the Executive Director, the Program Director is
> responsible for developing and implementing WEDO's strategic advocacy
> program on economic justice. Duties include
> =b7 developing WEDO policy in the economic justice focus areas as determi=
> by the Board
> =b7 developing empowerment strategies for women in these focus areas
> =b7 working as a team with the WEDO Board, the Network Coordinator, other
> Program Directors, Development Director and Communications to develop and
> implement a unified WEDO program
> =b7 conducting research on economic trends, developments and issues
> =b7 writing reports, primers and other communication materials on economi=
> justice/ sus-tainable development issues
> =b7 developing and maintaining contacts with women around the world worki=
> these issues
> =b7 working in collaboration with WEDO partners on regional and national
> field-based activities, including advocacy training
> =b7 negotiating consensus among WEDO partners on policy issues and UN
> documents
> =b7 lobbying government officials in support of global consensus
> =b7 developing funding proposals
> =b7 attending conferences/meetings of the UN, WTO and other institutions =
> necessary
> =b7 supervising program assistant(s) and interns
> A successful candidate should have a background in economics and/or
> international relations and experience in working with women's groups or
> other community groups, particularly racially and economically diverse
> groups working in the areas of women's rights, human rights and/or
> justice issues. Strong writing, speaking, political and interpersonal
> are critical. Experience working internationally as well as nation-ally i=
> preferred. Salary range is 50,000+.
> Please send resumes by AUGUST 1, 2000 to:
> June Zeitlin
> Executive Director
> Women's Environment and Development Organization
> 355 Lexington Avenue
> New York, NY 10017
> Phone: 212.973.0325
> Fax:     212.973.0335
> E-mail:
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