Subject: [fem-women2000 459] URGENT Petition / Civil Society Participation in ICANN
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Date: Sat, 15 Jul 2000 02:17:31 +0900
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forwarding.. please circulate widely... some background note follows ...
thank you!!  //lalamaziwa

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 Subject: URGENT Petition / Civil Society Participation in ICANN


Please read the message through and sign up!

To sign up please send a message with your name to: 

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(To be presented to the ICANN Board in Yokohama on July 16.)

The Civil Society Forum is a group of non-governmental organizations
(NGOs) promoting the participation of individuals and NGOs in the
governance of the Internet.

The Civil Society Forum held a very successful session at the Yokohama
ICANN meeting, where over 70 participants from around the world approved
in principle the Civil Society Statement on ICANN Elections.  That
statement identifies principles and issues for the promotion of democracy
in ICANN (see: )

We the undersigned 
1. support the mission of the Civil Society Forum.
2. urge the staff and Board of ICANN to work with the Civil Society Forum
   to facilitate broad participation in ICANN processes.
3. urge ICANN to include Civil Society Forum sessions in its future
   meeting programs.

To sign up please up send a message with your name to:

Initial signatories include:

1. Myung-koo KANG, Korea Internet Forum (KIF)
2. Hans Klein, Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility
(CPSR)/Internet Democracy Project
3. Chris Bailey, Internet Rights Campaign, Association for Progressive
Communications (APC)
4. Tomoya INYAKU, JCA-NET, Japan

To sign up please up send a message with your name to:


some notes on the background to this petition

Civil Society Forum was just formed during this ICANN meeting 
taking place in Yokohama, Japan. 

Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) which
decides on the policy and regularoty system of the "domain name" 
assignments, plans to hold a global online election of board members
- said to be the first online election at the global scale.  
At-Large membership system is a voluntary membership system intended
to represent socially diverse interests around Internet Governance
pertinent to "domain name" assignments. It is currently open to any
domain name holders at no fee. However, lack of balance among the
regions as well as gender has been pointed out by many.
Members so far registered are predominatly from the north, commercial, 
and male. Please support the activities of the Civil Society Forum 
and sign up! Thanks!

lalamaziwa, JCA-NET, Japan

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