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some NGO statements and Closing remarks on adoption of the
Ministerial Declaration of the ECOSOC 2000 High Level Segment
ECOSOC 2000:
Webcast archive:

CONGO Sudha Acharya
- Congo is bla bla..
- NGO extraordinary effort to overcome the digital divide
- three speakers will present.
  o David, ??? works on Population
  o Claudia (WIT world information transfer, chernobuyl - info for health)
  o Anne - coordinator of Women Action and Global Media Consortium set
    up working with CONGO for Beijing Plus Five
1. David
- duty free hardware
- transport subsidy?
- costly phone infrastructure
- access as fundamental right to information technology
2.Claudia - 
- science based knowledge
- world ecology report annual publication is available online
- provides training and have health issue CD-ROM projects
  linked to internet
- recommendations
 a. education 
   - gov take advantage offered by ict - to gain literacy
   bing in laptop, 
   - english is basic language, children need english as basic skill
 b. ??? is critical to 
3.Anne (presenting for tunisia)
- ngo global communication network worked with congo
- ict gender action plan, support of facilities presented for b5
tunisia - women lack skill to info highway has been evermore
dis-empowering to women, suggesting need for targeted method
to empower women; and women networks should use www as it is
instrumental in empowering and contribute to poverty reduction.
- 40 women's media networks working with congo have formed global 
network. they came from africa, asia-pacific, latin america and the
carribeans, europe and north america; have provide access to 
appropriate information on B+5 and facilitate sharing of inforamtion
and discussion; produced daily b5 news through print, interactive 
radio and tv; an internet cafe ran each day hundreads women 
connected to home and their media
- recommendations
  o democratic media with focuss to other marginalized groups
  o all un agencies multinational-institutions, private and gov
    institusions including women's media? network to develop gender
    action plan
  o create facility with resources to support such initiative
- we look forward to work with ECOSOC dedicated to africa

President: Can we adopt document? 30 seconds - applauds..
USA: private sector is the leading actor in IT. market-based consistent
tranparaent mechanism. Private sector generates necessary competition.
Ministerial Declaration sound regulartory and legal framework. Join
Declaration with the comment/reservation on the record(??)
Nigeria (G77+China): highest satisfaction embodied in the docuemnt.
[Minister, Ministry Resource and Technology]
France(EU): EU delighted with adoption of the Declaration. success
represented by two factors. 1) high level representation, 2) broad
participation of the private sector which could be highest in UN history.
Private sector participation is promise of new partnership.
Nitin Desai(USG): 
-- successful conclusion, experimental high level segment of ECOSOC.
President of ECOSOC, asian custom of having these meeting with alot of
meals. i've put on alot of weight. thank the effort put in over the past
months, secretariat's work especially for SG report. favorable comment
also for the Millenium report?
-- usefulness and timeliness of this meeting seen by high level of
participation and of heads of agencies. particular segment fills
important gap.  also seen high level participation from the private
sector. Small fraction of disagreement? on market has implication in
implementing this. there was comment by US delegate on which also implys
its importance.  but can say thae we have established role of (high
segement? Ministerial Declaration?)
-- would like to note htat we're starting a process, in IT big change is
still to come. many big change is still to come and ECOSOC has just
begun political discussion on this. 
-- UNDP, partners in specialized agencies stand ready to work together
in implementing this ministerial declaration and that should lead
greater extent of coherence.
important political -- reflected at the 
>from here is okinwa where G8 meeing, September Millenium
ICT for GEF will be established to focuss on harnessing knowledge for
-- money is not enough. much more(magic?) is needed to ====== and
for eradication of poverty.; 
coherent development effort (will lead to?) poverty eradication.
-- president konari of Mali gave impressing presentation on how to
harness IT. africa and all countries to take proactive strategies to
advance their development. it will help move africa for the better.
However he also reminded of the burden of external indebetedness
as obstacle to freeing up human and infrasracture development. 
(without addressing this?) new global economy will only result in
destabilizatin of the world.
-- management of trade is necessary. especially e-commerce.
integration of the poorest economiy into the global economy is
necessary. there is a need for urgent global and regional action 
to ensure more widespread balance so that use of ict is ?? and right
-- ICT can play major role in bringing about sustainable development
and eradicating poverty.  (.....?) major role in integrating economy 
in transistion and poorest economy into the global economy.
-- high level segment has strengthened role of ecosoc in (....?);
panel facilitated discussion with participation of all relevant
stake-holders. Difference perhaps lies on that we're not ready to
discuss business but we are in policy discussion on how to put IT
in face of development.
- The trial exihbitoin at ecosoc helped to reduce real (....?)
and work to facilitate government and private sector relationship.
helped solve ...?; increase awarenes; ... pulic opinion; 
press media coverage,
-- boradcast through internet, video conference, powerpoint presentation
used to faciliate interaction.
-- profound thanks and gratitude to secreatariat, council and
-- close the high level segment. ... applauds.
-- Monday 10 am will start coordination segment
-- meeting adjouned 

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