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Iranian Women Brief # 25
July 2000


TEHRAN - An influential cleric has denounced Iran's ratification of a UN

document that encourages more education for girls and condemns violence
against women. "I say it very clearly that it is religiously forbidden
adhere to these documents," Ayatollah Nasser Makarem-Shirazi told the
Saturday edition of Yalessarat, a conservative weekly.

The cleric believes the decisions made by the women's rights conference
earlier this month in New York are "incompatible with Islam."


Amnesty International Annual Report 2000

"The Special Representative of the UN Commission on Human Rights on the
situation of human rights in the Islamic Republic of Iran continued to
denied access to the country during the year. A resolution adopted by
UN Commission on Human Rights in April expressed concern at continuing
human rights violations in Iran and "the apparent absence of respect for

internationally recognized legal safeguards".
Flogging and amputation
Amnesty International recorded 26 cases of flogging and 16 cases of
amputation, although the true number may have been considerably higher.
women, identified only as Jamileh and Zahra, were convicted of theft and

murder by a Tehran court in February and sentenced to the amputation of
hand. Jamileh was also sentenced to death by hanging and Zahra to 15
months' imprisonment"


Woman Gets Death Penalty for killing Ex-husband
Iran - Saturday, 24 June 2000 - Agence France Presse

TEHRAN, June 24 (AFP) - Iran's Supreme Court Saturday upheld a lower
Court's execution order for women convicted murdering her ex-husband
he beat the couple's children, the Tehran press reported.

Soussan Hajirian, 42 years old, was Found guilty of the 1996 murder of
her ex-husband, with a solid cooking dish following a violent
According to press reports, Hajirian said that she and her ex-husband
living together while awaiting a final divorce decree. "But on the night
the incident he beat the children and kicked me out. I then hit him,"

The death penalty was initially handed down by Iran's Court of Appeal
was reaffirmed Saturday by the Supreme Court.


Geneva Abdo in Tehran Tuesday June 20, 2000

Maryam took one hard first-person look at life as a woman in Iran and
a decision: "she" wanted out. Born Mehran, the 25-year-old Iranian, then
man, had earlier swept aside strong parental objections and undergone a
change operation last year. But in female form, Maryam soon found it
impossible to cope with the constraints imposed by the Islamic republic
so impossible that she now wants to reverse the operation.

"I cannot go on living with the new identity, after years of living as a

man with no restrictions," she told the daily newspaper Iran. "At first,
thought I would get used to it, but life has become painful and
intolerable. So I want a new sex change."

No one ever said life, as an Iranian woman would be easy. The country's
social and legal codes severely limit women's choices.

Most move from the authority of their fathers and brothers to that of a
husband, so have little or no experience of life on their own.

They also face personal restrictions and taboos that implicitly prevent
them renting apartments on their own or travelling overseas without
getting the consent of a male relative.

State health officials report that between the sexes, it is the women
have the higher suicide rate, with the highest figures being registered
the holy MuslimShi'ite city of Qom, Iran's center of religious learning.

Some of the more superficial restrictions on women's dress and conduct
been eased. The enforcement of veiling is more relaxed, particularly in
capital, Tehran. But on substantive issues involving legal and social
rights, much more remains to be done.

Sex change operations are legal in socially conservative Iran, although
formal permission from the coroner's office is required before the
can take place. Critics of the system say conservative mores prevent
candidates for such radical operations from testing out their new sexual

identity first, as is often the case elsewhere.

The only option for someone who changes her mind, like Maryam, is to
undergo a second operation.

In the legal system, a woman's testimony is given half the weight of
of a man, while inheritance, divorce and child custody laws all favor
For example, a boy as young as two and a girl as young as seven are
automatically awarded to the father if a couple divorces,
a fact that keeps some women in abusive or dangerous marriages.


Iran censors leading French publications for "pornography"
Iran - Friday, 16 June 2000 - Agence France Presse

The Iranian authorities have censored copies of the French newspaper Le
Monde and the magazine L'Express over the past few weeks after judging
reproductions of some French artwork pornographic.

In the June 7 issue of L'Express, the Iranians censored pictures of
sculptures by Aristide Maillot and paintings by Henri Matisse that
portrayed the model Dina Vierny.

In Le Monde, which rarely carries photos, Iranian authorities cut out
pictures of the Rio carnival and reproductions of paintings by Paul

Iranian authorities recently removed a picture of Margaret Thatcher in
French newspaper Le Figaro, finding the former British Prime Minister's
dress too low-cut. And Eugene Delacroix's painting "Liberty Guiding the
People," which features the French Revolution icon in a Phrygian cap but

with her breasts bare, was torn out by a censor from the magazine of the

French teachers' union.

Iranian publications have to follow a strict Islamic code on portrayal
the female image. Iranian women cannot appear without their headscarves,

although some foreign women, including artists, actresses and athletes,
have been shown with their heads bare=8a

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