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This message will probably interest many of you...

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Dear friends,

Below is a press release we are circulating about our planned activity
the Prepcom tomorrow, in case you want to circulate it among your media

We'll be in touch with a review of this week's negotiations and the
of our silent rally soon.

>Date: Thu, 22 Jun 2000 15:44:22 -0400
>From: Women's Caucus for Gender Justice <>
>Subject: PRESS RELEASE - ICC and U.S.
>Bcc: Media list,,,
>***PRESS RELEASE      22 June 2000***
>At United Nations, 12-30 June 2000
>New York, NY - On Friday, June 23, women from around the world will rally
to demand that justice not be compromised away at the Preparatory
Commission meeting for the International Criminal Court where important
final negotiations are taking place. They will hold a silent
in the basement of the UN near Conference Room 1 beginning at 9:45 a.m.
>The adoption of Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court by an
overwhelming majority of countries in July 1998 marked an end to the
culture of impunity for the perpetrators of horrific crimes. The Rome
Statute is also heralded for its treatment of gender as crimes of sexual
and gender violence, including gender-based persecution, are
named as crimes for the first time in international law. Thus far, 11
countries have ratified the Rome Statute and 97 have signed.
>The U.S., however, along with six other countries, including Iraq, Libya
and China, voted against the Court. Since the adoption of the ICC
over the U.S.' objections, the U.S. has continued with its efforts to
debilitate the Court. On Monday, the U.S. introduced the first part of a
controversial two-part proposal which would give the Security Council
control over the cases that can come before the Court and allow for an
exception for U.S. nationals. The proposal will be discussed for the
time in an open session in the afternoon.
>In addition to the U.S. efforts, a block of Arab countries have been
determined to exclude crimes of sexual and gender violence when
within the context of family, religion or culture. Their efforts have
resulted in language which would make all of the crimes against humanity
more difficult to prosecute in a manner inconsistent with international
and which would severely limit the Court's ability to address crimes
against women and children.
>On Friday, women's groups will demand real justice - not a compromised
justice that privileges U.S. officials and citizens above the rest of
world and not a justice where crimes against women have been used and
bartered away in the name of compromise.
>For more information please, contact:
>Pam Spees and Alexa Solorzano
>212-697-7741 or 917-447-6789
Women's Caucus for Gender Justice
P.O.Box 3541
Grand Central Post Office
New York, NY 10163 USA

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