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Statement given by Jane Zimmerman, President Soroptimist International

On behalf of
The International Federation of University Women (IFUW)''
International Federation of Business and Professional Women ((BPWI)
The International Council of Women (ICW)
Soroptimist International
Zonta International

Thank you Madam Chair, I am speaking on behalf of the 5-O Coalition, The:
International Federation of University Women, The International Federation
of Business and Professional Women, The International Council of Women,
Zonta International, organizations in consultative status with ECOSOC,
representing women in over 120 countries around the world.

Since Beijing, our members have been working in partnership with
governments, UN Agencies, other non-governmental organizations and all
sectors of civil society to move forward the commitments made in Beijing
within the 12 Critical Areas of Concern identified in the Platform for

We appreciate the long hours that delegates have spent this week
attempting to finalize the proposed outcome document but view with deep
concern and some dismay the reluctance, or apparent reluctance, of some
member states to move forward on some issues.

As the Secretary General in his opening address to the Special Session of
the General Assembly emphasized, education at all levels is the key to
making any progress in moving the Platform for Action forward. The
implementation of the Platform for Action and the provision of education
for all will require political will and allocation of adequate financial
and human resources.

Education is also a crucial component in the fight against the HIV/AIDS
pandemic and the scourge of national and international trafficking of
women and girls. It is also an essential aspect in the safeguarding of the
physical, mental, and sexual health of women arid girls.

Education will empower women to take full advantage of the positive
aspects of globalization and will enable them to effectively participate
in a collective action to offset its negative social and economic
consequences. As International Non Governmental Organizations we call upon
all governments to recognize and address the negative aspects of

Access to and training in information and communication technologies must
be provided to allow women and girls to benefit from and contribute to its
further development.

Women must be full and equal participants in the peace-making process and
education is a vital factor in creating the attitudinal change necessary
for the development of a culture of peace.

As International Non Governmental Organizations we are disappointed with
some of the decisions taken, or not taken, in the development of an
outcome document that is to move the Platform of Action forward.

However, this has served to strengthen our resolve and determination to
work even harder with all sectors of the community to ensure the
implementation of the Platform Action and to move it from words to reality
in the 21st Century.

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