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Women Action のプレスリリース。

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IWTC Women's GlobalNet #152
Activities and Initiatives of Women Worldwide
by Anne S. Walker

20 June 2000


WomenAction 2000, a global network of women's information and media 
organizations, continues to receive praise from around the world for 
providing daily coverage of the UN Women 2000 meeting held in New York 
>from  June 5-9. "Most of the world's press, including the New York 
Times, said not a word to herald the launch of the week-long 
conference," wrote Michele Landsberg, who was kept informed by 
WomenAction, in the Toronto Star on  June 10th. There were a couple of 
articles concerning Hillary Clinton's visit to the Special Session, and 
one or two human interest stories, but generally, coverage by the 
mainstream media was poor or non-existent.

On the other hand, WomenAction 2000 provided listeners and readers 
throughout the world  with a daily flow of information. Two daily 
newspapers, one global (WomenAction) the  other specifically on African 
issues (Flamme),  were produced as tabloids and disseminated via email 
lists and the WomenAction 2000 web site. A  daily Internet TV program 
(predominantly French) and daily Internet-based radio broadcasts 
(predominantly Spanish) brought the  conference to many viewers and 
listeners. The WomenAction 2000  Internet Cafe, situated at the Church 
Center opposite the UN General Assembly building, provided access to 
women to send thousands of messages to their constituencies and to 
receive information. One WomenAction 2000 partner trained a group of 
NGOs in journalism skills and the 40 ensuing articles were sent home for 
publication and/or broadcasting.

WomenAction's reports brought to light the difficulties many women's 
organizations and governments face in implementing the Beijing Platform 
for Action. "We regret there was not enough political will on  the part 
of some governments and the UN system to agree on a stronger  document 
with more concrete benchmarks, numerical goals, time-bound targets, 
indicators, and resources aimed at implementing the Beijing Platform For 
Action," said a prominent NGO representative at the end of the meeting. 
But many gains were mentioned. One gain was in the area of violence 
against women, and for the first time, the UN addressed the issue of 
honour killings and forced marriage. in addition, the official Outcomes 
Document called for comprehensive mechanisms to stop dowry-related 
violence and marital rape. In the area of human rights, there is a call 
to ratify the Optional Protocol of the Convention on the Elimination of 
All  Forms of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW) and to recognize the 
specific needs and rights of indigenous women.

For more information on the Special Session, please consult the website 
set up by the United Nations Division for the Advancement of Women (DAW) 
for Beijing follow-up actions, in conjunction with WomenWatch, the 
collaborative website of DAW, UNIFEM and INSTRAW
URL: <>

In the period leading up to the UN Beijing Plus Five meeting, 
WomenAction 2000 was instrumental in making it possible for women's 
organizations to become involved in preparations for the meeting. 
"Thanks to WomenAction, we women of Eastern Europe have been able to 
organize ourselves, set up a web site and conduct online discussions," 
European WomenAction 2000 participant Lenka Simerska of the Czech 
Republic said during the first UN-Cyberfemmes TV broadcast.

WomenAction 2000 will continue to provide information for the 
advancement of women using interactive TV, radio, web sites and email  

Background and Information

WomenAction 2000 is a global coalition of women's information and  media 
organizations to ensure world access to the decisions made  during the 
UN Special Session of the General Assembly entitled  'Women  2000: 
Gender Equality, Development and Peace for the 21st Century',  New York, 
June 5-9, 2000. The Special Session  was a follow-up to the 4th UN World 
Conference on Women held in Beijing in 1995, where a comprehensive  
Platform for Action  established guidelines for governments to advance 
the status of women. The WomenAction global website contains resources 
to assist NGOs in their efforts to monitor the implementation of the PFA 
in their own countries, and is also a gateway to regional WomenAction 
2000 sites along with other links to women's action websites. 
URL: <>.

For more information on WomenAction 2000, contact:
WA2000 Global Coordinator Karen Banks of APC-WNSP UK
E-mail: <karenb@gn.apc.or> or  
WA2000 Co-Coordinator Anne S. Walker of IWTC, New York
E-mail: <>

For information on specific projects, contact:
Interactive TV: Joelle Palmieri, Les Penelopes, France.
E-mail: <>
Web-based Radio: Maria Saurez, FIRE, Costa Rica.
E-mail: <>
WomenAction Newspaper: Daphne Plou, Editor, APC/Argentina.
E-mail: <>
African Newspaper/Flamme: 
E-mail: <>
Global Media Project: Mavic Balleza, Isis-International/Manila.
E-mail: <>

This issue of IWTC Women's GlobalNet has been adapted from a press 
release written by Lin Pugh of WomenAction 2000, Manager, Knowledge 
Sharing Program, IIAV International Information Centre and Archives for 
the Women's Movement, Obiplein 4, 1094 RB Amsterdam, The Netherlands. 
Tel: (31-20) 665-1318. Fax: (31-20) 665-5812. Web; <
IWTC Women's GlobalNet is a production of:

International Women's Tribune Centre
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