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Global Women's Media Team/Electronic News Bulletin
distributed by Isis International-Manila
Argentina takes progressive stance on reproductive rights
by Maria Eugenia Miranda*

UNITED NATIONS- Argentina is affirming the position to guarantee sexual
and reproductive rights in the discussions of the UN General Assembly
Special Session on Women 2000.
The Secretary of Foreign Affaires Enrique Candiotti said this position
means the delegation is supporting the call for "the right of women to
decide freely and responsibly about when and how many children women
can  have, and to have access to sexual education in order to prevent
adolescent pregnancy."

Members of women NGOs from Argentina met Cardiotti's speech during the
General Assembly, which is reviewing the gains of women since the Fourth
International Conference on Women in 1995, positively as they have been
fighting for these issues for a long time.

"The topic of women and the gender equality is now definitely scripted on
the international agenda and constitutes one of the biggest forces of the
millennium that we initiate this year," Candioti said.

The special session with the theme "Women 2000: Gender, Equality,
Development and Peace for the 21st Century," will produce a new document in
which the countries will state their commitment to achieve the goals set in
the Beijing Platform for Action.

This platform called on governments, the international community and the
civil sector society or non government organizations  to act on 12 priority
concerns: Women and poverty; Women and health; Education and training for
women; Violence against women; Women and armed conflict; Women and economy;
Women in power and decision making; Institutional mechanisms for the
advancement of women; Human rights for women; Women and media; Women and
environment and the girl child. # # #

* Maria Eugenia Miranda is a member of the Global Women's Media Team (GWMT)
for the UN General Assembly Session to Review the Beijing Platform for
Action.  The team is  composed of NGO women and women journalists from
Asia-Pacific, Latin America, Africa and Eastern Europe. The GWMT is
coordinated by Isis International-Manila and generously supported by
UNIFEM-East and Southeast Asia, UNIFEM-South Asia, Canadian International
Development Agency-Southeast Asia Gender Equity Programme, UNDP-Latin
America and the Caribbean, UNDP-Mongolia, British High Commission in
Vanuatu, Foundation for Sustainable Society, Inc; National Centre for
Cooperation in Development (NCOS-Pilipinas), World Council of  Churches,
and WomenAction.


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