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Staff/Periodistas/ノquipe: Dafne Sabanes Plou (editor), Sonja Boezak, Mavic 
Balleza, Irene Leon, Anne Walker, Lenka Simerska, Malin Bjork, Thais 
Aguilar, Sonia del Valle, Maria Eugenia Miranda, Cheekay Cinco
Translators/ Traductoras/Traductrices: Sharon Hackett, Nicole Nepton, 
Roxanna Sooudi
Photographers/Fotografas/Photographes: Lin Pugh, Anoma Rajakaruna, Maria Suarez
Design and layout/ Dise y armado/Design et mise en pages: John Napolitano

Editorial Policy: WomenAction is a global information network with the long 
term goal of women痴 empowerment, with a special focus on women and media. 
This is an independent trilingual newspaper that critically reflects on the 
activities at UNGASS 2000 with the intention of expressing opinion and 
stimulating debate.

                   GreenNet Limited/GreenNet Educational Trust
       Bradley Close, 74-77 White Lion Street, London, N1 9PF, England
                   tel: +44/171-713-1941  fax: +44/171-837-5551

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