Subject: [fem-women2000 318] Focal Point information from WomenAction @ UNGASS
From: karen banks <>
Date: Tue, 06 Jun 2000 05:10:31 -0700
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Message for focal points

Greetings from UNGASS!

Here is an outline of the WomenAction Information Dissemination Strategy.

We are writing to you as you have agreed, or have expressed interest in
acting as information dissemination focal points in your region or country
for the WomenAction activities during UNGASS June 5-8th.

1. The Information Pool

We've created a B5News 'Information Pool' which contains all information
coming in to WomenAction from various sources. This is 'private' is
for the focal points only. The email address is

This information pool includes the following content:

1. The WomenAction daily newspaper
2. The Flamme (African region) daily newspaper
**See below for more information on the dissemination of the newspaper**
3. Additional content that has not appeared in the WomenAction Daily
newspaper such as messages from caucuses, meeting announcements, special
events - basically any information which comes to us in electronic format.

We would like the focal points to decide which content is the most
appropriate and relevant for your regions and disseminate accordingly. The
HTML archive is - this archive is updated nightly at
approximately 24h00 GMT. You can select material from this archive and
forward to your networks, or alternatively, you can also subscribe to the
full list. (Please note - there will be a lot of information in this list).

You can subscribe to b5news by sending an email to:


Subscribe b5news first name last name

As the first line of your message (no subject line).

If you have any problems please email

2. The Newspapers

Two newspapers are being produced daily by WomenAction and the Flamme/Flame
initiatives. The Flamme paper is an African daily newspaper, the WomenAction
2000 Newspaper has an international focus.

The WomenAction newspaper is being produced in English, French and Spanish;
the Flamme newspaper in English and French. Articles will be sent to three
lists in the relevant languages. The URL subscription forms can be accessed

WomenAction 2000


Please alert organizations and people in your regions who you think would be
interested in subscribing to the lists.

The message we will send to subscribers to the newspaper appears below.

Kind regards,

The WomenAction Information Strategy Team

Introductory Message for B5NGO lists

The purpose of the B5NGONews list for this week is to post the WomenAction
daily newspaper which is being produced at UNGASS from 5 - 9 June 2000. The
newspaper is an independent trilingual newspaper that critically reflects on
the activities at UNGASS 2000 with the intention of expressing opinion and
stimulating debate.

The newspaper is being produced in English, French and Spanish and the
Flamme newspaper in English and French. To reflect this we have set up lists
for the three WomenAction newspapers. If you would prefer to change from the
list to which you are subscribed to another language, see below for the URL
subscription forms:


To access the Flamme newspaper, please go to:

If you would prefer a 'human interface' send an email to

The URL for newspapers on the WomenAction web site is:
The newspapers will be posted daily to the web site.

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                   tel: +44/171-713-1941  fax: +44/171-837-5551

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