Subject: [J] 通信技術ワークショップ (09.02)
From: lalamaziwa <>
Date: Sat, 04 Sep 1999 12:01:36 +0700
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lalamaziwa です。

9月2日の 特別ワークショップ「女性と通信技術」のメモを送ります。

support servicces that provide information on women

education is descriminatory factor
- no substitute for this kind of education

-cooperative relations with industries
-exhange and share information

- have sense of duty to support others for women's information

* the information society opens new and exciting possibilities for women
  around theworld
* how to prepare for the future?
 - information leader, CIO, CEO
* strategizze for empowerment of women using ICT

Vicky Tauli Corpus
Cordilella women't research center
asian indeginous women's forum 1997
declaration of indegenous women in beijing

IPR - and information

no doubt that information is cruitial in the society to come
there are doubts

A. Characters that shaping face of globalization
B. Gender analysis
C. Emerging issues around IT, IPR, ethical
D. Proposals

A. Characters that shaping face of globalization

role of modern economy
(high tech and modern biotechnology play cruitial role)
they are knowledge intensive
   silicon chip and double helix could be simbol for this era
1. silicon chip ("the synthetic IQ")
   development of microprocessors are fast every 2 years
   - need to buy computers often
   - can send missle unattended
   - firbie doll has 30 times more than luna that went to moon 30 years ago

2. cyber space

   internet is personification of cyberspace
   (ITU, 1997) 110m computer with 300M userbase. with 66.5% in North america
   50% of high income countries has most access. -- the access issue

   Information economy emerging - most powerful sector in US employment growth,
   influence on foreign policy.
   - how different from Agric economiy ?? are they tradable? the labor invoved?
   - 2000ton sugar for 300$
   - one copy of Wordperfect 300$
   - one TV in Taiwan 300$

3. technology and policy

    Bill Gates -- 77billion 56billion earns 750$/second

    the profit are secured by affirming the IPR.
    now TRIPs secured for WTO

    protection of tradable copyright
    protection of software -50 years
    super 301 illegalize copying of software.

cyborlabortalian -- promise of new social space soverine of governments
- there also are techno-determistic view that tech can solve anything.

this is somthing that humankind had developed since.
agree that we should know about the technology.

B. Gender analysis

ICT had opened up new carrier for women.
- 70% of workforce has been increased in banks
- women's traditional skills made redundunt
- health hazards being experienced in workplace
   (there are damage of health to women in microelectronic
   2000 gallons of distilled water needed for 6 inch of sillicone.)
- more things are automated, more pressure on women in operating 10
  machines with more pressure

C. Emerging issues around IT, IPR, ethical

this is job creator/job destroyer -- automation of industry
diminishing knowledge -- knowledge that can be degitalized can only be
              handled.. indegenous knowledge that is analogue are left

D. Proposals

1. democratization of access -- access to internet, to information,
   control of information.
 - stick to appropriate technology.
 - email based access with web access

2. promote free and open software
 - linux (GNU system)
 - genuine compulsory licensing -- honoray royalty compareed to full royalty
 - public access stations
   government responsibility to gurantee access to information
   (information is public good)
 - public ownereship of information

3. address hazards (health, women, and call for redress)
  indegenous people's who's land were mined are still under pressure.

4. advocacy on WTO/TRIPs (November Seattle)
  - now calling for full withdrawal of TRIPs
  - it is biased against developing countty, women, indegenous community

5. women should be involved in designing the information technolgy and
   in technical design.


Agric economy and industrial economy
- you can not eat television
- should make use of technology to work towards food security
  agriculture is technically advanced that it can provide water when needed

- diversity

- homogenization

how can women stay with diverse values when being trained on technology
that are geared towards standardization?

1.Train women to be leaders. strong crazy and strong will is neccessary.
know the technology to preserve the culture - start with the reality
will of decision makers are important. the result of dean making decision on ICT.
1/3 budget allocated to information field for Sookmyung. became top
ranking in ICT facilities

2. work for international standards that ensure representation of
diverse culture. (vicky)

3. French policy to preserve culture is interesting

access to tool (information and technology)

Mavic to Lee:

1. what does invite women to exercise "brain work" mean?
   coping with daily challanges of life is major challanges...

   general idea is that men are stronger than man.

on shifting from manual to digital
 -- are there courses in Sookmyung to train women on analog tools?
    - two year computer science
    - english conversation
    - does both training because it is transition period.
      Q.are there training on basic principle for developing creative
      thinking skills?

how were you able to use your knowledge?
    20 years in advisors for foreign ministry and ##### in ministry.
    have visited Pyongyang several times.
    want to teach north korean women how to use computers.

think of strategies to reach out to those who don't even have access.(nepal)
    language they can understand
    context that they can connect themselves

    - access is most critical. middle class to elite are the ones with
      access to information.
      hard to say the technology is useful. if they are to be
      programmers ok, but not required for those agriculture people. the
      technology b arrier is so high that information have and have not
      are excercabated.  WTO/TRIPs are ..........(VCT)
    - cannot avoid impacts from higher technology.(saloni)
    - are providing space for children to use computers and training
      eldery women (lee)
    - how can the knowledge be shared? how can the resouces be shared? (saloni)
    - pentium (old) computers can be transferred to other places (to the poor) -lee

was impressed by lee comment "should not be left behind with technology".
malaysia in process of MM super corridor but what would that be in terms
of malaysia population? it would be necessary to look into the aims
behind the policy. how would you address socio-economic issue on health?
have you done follow-up research on graduates.. are they having better
positions (tarro, malaysia)

knowledge societey in the 21st century. ICT and english is important.
then you won't have problem to get a job. choice of the leader can make
a big difference.

on health hazard - automation is having impact. need wealthy background
to get into the industry. more difficult to telecommute and do
everything rather than going to factories.

[status of women] should be looked at together with ICT skills.

think also that working at home is a lozing end of it. (isis)
in agriculture economy, diplacement of people occurs.
whole agricultural base are also being lost.

southeast-fishrey development center (thailand)
also work as media person on outreach. crash, LAN is down, computer controls me..
[not to be controlled by computer]
computer don't help women is making women work more
if women can get access to information, they can catch up and make decision.

we need to have professional knowledge to go up the ladder, not just
learning technology but need values, political economic knowledge to be
leader. need at least one professional knowledge. emothional caution,
professional caution (lee)

how do women really relate with technology? how do women view technology?
need to think about the relations otherwise technology will control you

women and science and technology is GAP in BPFA.(isis)
using ICT for trafficking of women and spreding pornography. is used for
education and medicine, etc but is also for syndicate on trafficking of
women (rhona)

-- lalamaziwa

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