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>Date: Tue, 30 May 2000 14:36:11 +0200
>Subject: [B5NGONEWS] Older Women Workers Panel 



For your information from Global Action on Aging for International
Labour Organization.  Please distribute to multiple lists. Thanks.
 "Realising decent work for mid-life and older women workers"  
>> 8 June 2000 between 3pm - 4.45 pm at the UN.  
>> Swedish Government representative will speak about policies and
programmes to support and expand the labour force participation of mid-life
and older women in the Nordic region(with a focus on lifelong learning)
>> South African Government will address issues relevant to older
women workers in the African region(with an emphasis on the impact of AIDS)
>> Head of them AFL-CIO Working Women's Department will talk about
negotiating elder care at the workplace.
>> UN Programme on Ageing is contributing an expert speaker from the
Asian region to  highlight the evolving structure of the family and
community, within the context of caregiving and the labour market.
>>> The main objective of the panel discussion is to raise
awareness and encourage international policy debate around
those issues most relevant to older women workers.   Since
women and ageing has been identified as a critical issue, the panel
is  intended to galvanise international  and national action
in the specific (yet often overlooked) area of older women workers.

Global Action on Aging
PO Box 20022, New York, NY 10025
Phone:212 557-3163 Fax: 212 557-3165

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