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Date: Sat, 3 Jun 2000 03:37:46 +0900
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>Date: Tue, 23 May 2000 18:37:58 +0200
>Subject: [B5NGONEWS] news for Beijing+5 NGO news (fwd)

by Jahanara Huq, Member Steering Committee, NCBP

The third National Workshop on Beijing Plus Five, Bangladesh was held on
May 15, 2000 at the Academy for Planning & Development.  About 202
representatives from various organizations including NGO?s activists
grass-root organization, member of civil society and government
participated  from Dhaka and all over the country.  The president of the
organization Ms. Salma Khan presided and Dr. Mahmuda Islam presented the
Action Plan for next 2 years.  Report from 4 divisional workshops was
presented by Prof. Jahanara Huq.  While Ms. Maheen Sultan made a
presentation of the highlights of the Alternative Report.  These were
followed by group presentations and open discussions.  This was the last
minute activity prior to the UN NGO Special Session in New York.

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