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Date: Wed, 31 May 2000 23:23:43 +0900
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>From: "Leslie Wright" <>
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>Subject: [ngo-csw-ny] Report card for the USA -- Beijing+5

For a copy of the actual report card, please email  Suzanne Kindervatter directly. Thanks. 

We wanted you to have this info. before next  week.  We'll be doing a press
conf. at the UN on Tues. or Wed. and have  done a large press mailing on
this.  See you soon.  And thanks for  all the good work you and your team
have been doing.

May 25, 2000/FOR  RELEASE JUNE 1   
Contact: Suzanne Kindervatter (202) 667-8227,  x135
In New York (June 5-9): (212) 758-1234

 <<USWC Report  Card.doc>>  

              Women Issue Report Card Assessing US Government Performance 
for UN Five Year  Review of World Women's  Conference             

WASHINGTON -- To mark the five year review of the Fourth World  Conference on
Women, US Women Connect is issuing a report card grading the US  government
on progress in implementing a comprehensive Platform for Action  for women's
and girls' empowerment. The review will be held in New York at  the UN June

US Women Connect (USWC), a network of national and  grassroots women and
girls, will join thousands of representatives of  governments and NGOs from
around the world at the UN General Assembly Special  Session, known as "Women
2000" or "Beijing +5."  In 1995, 189  governments signed the Platform for
Action at the Beijing Conference, making  commitments for action in "twelve
critical areas of concern." US Women  Connect (USWC) has promoted Platform
implementation in the United States  since 1996.  At the June UN Special
Session, governments will present  reports on how they have implemented the
Platform in their respective  countries.  NGOs also have prepared their
assessments of progress for  many countries.

The USWC report card assesses US government performance  in the twelve
Platform areas: women and poverty; education and training;  health; violence
against women; armed conflict; the economy; power and  decision-making;
institutional mechanisms; human rights; the media; the  environment; and the
girl child.  The government's grades range from an  "F" for poor effort
toward alleviating poverty to a "B" and "B-minus" for  strong programs to
prevent domestic violence and for the dramatic increase of  women in
appointed governmental positions.

"What Beijing +5 is about  is accountability.  The US government has taken
follow-up to the Beijing  Conference seriously, and we applaud its
accomplishments in many areas," said  Suzanne Kindervatter, Chair of US Women
Connect and Director of InterAction's  Commission on the Advancement of
Women. "But the five year review is just a  milestone on the road to
attaining women's and girls' rights and gender  equality.  USWC and other NGO
coalitions will continue to act as  watchdogs and as advocates--for holding
our government accountable to fulfill  all the promises made in Beijing."

Contacts for Platform for  Action Issue Areas:
* POVERTY: La Doris Payne-Bell, Women Spirit/National  Congress of
  Neighborhood Women, 314-381-1915 & Alexandra Spieldoch,  Center of Concern,
  202-635-2757 ext. 135
* EDUCATION:  Shari Miles,  Howard University, 202-806-4557
* VIOLENCE: Olivia Puentes-Reynolds, Calif.  Women's Agenda & MANA (A
  Nat'l. Latina Org.), 619-469-9920
* HEALTH:  Brenda Romney or Shelia Clark, Nat'l. Black Women's Health
  Project,  202-543-9311
* ARMED CONFLICT: Joan Winship, Women Waging Peace,  617-520-2237
* ECONOMY: Linda Basch, National Council for Research on  Women,
  212-785-7335 ext.1
  Environment and Development Organization,   501-951-3293 (cell); 334-861-5049
* INSTITUTIONAL MECHANISMS: Suzanne  Kindervatter, InterAction,
  202-667-8227 ext. 135
* HUMAN RIGHTS: Kit  Cosby, Baha'is of the US, 202-833-8990
* GIRLS: Alison Pflepsen, Northwestern  University, 847-425-1607
US Women Connect, P.O. Box 33847, Wash., D.C.  20036,

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