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This issue of IWTC's Women痴 GlobalNet concentrates on Education and the 
growing realization by governments and NGOs that in an ever-increasing 
knowledge-based global economy, exclusion from education translates into 
poverty and inequality between people and nations. Here are some more 
details on Education activities by and for women and girls taking place 
around the world:

EXPO 2000:

1. International Grassroots Women's Academy, Salzgitter, Germany (14 
June-16 October 2000): Among the many events at Expo 2000, grassroots 
women activists from around the world will be convening to share methods 
and practices in community building. The International Grassroots 
Academy will meet one week per month for training and information 
workshops as well as presentations about grassroots outreach. Starting 
in June, the sessions will address "the family unit as an organizing 
tool," "neighborhood networks," "peer learning and partnership building 
across borders,"  and "reproductive rights and healthcare."  
Participants can attend whole or half day units. For more information 
and registration, go to the following web-sites:  
<> and 
<> .  
You can also e-mail them at: <> (in the US), 
<=info@muetterzentrum>=  or <>= (in Germany).  
Tel:  (49-5341) 81-67-18.  Fax:  (49-5341) 81-67-20.

2. International Women's University, Hannover, Germany (15 July- 15 
October 2000): Also part of World Expo 2000, the International Women's 
University is the only gender-specific university of its kind in Europe 
by, for, and about women. This semester conducted in English will be 
broken up into one week series providing a forum for researchers, 
governments, NGOs and grassroots women from all the world to share and 
discuss their community development practices. The project areas will 
include "Body:  Experiences, Politics, and Concepts," "City and Gender," 
"Women Entering the Information Age," "Migration:  Women, Identities and 
Systems in Transit," "Water and Life, " and "Women's Work." The weekly 
series will involve training workshops following short presentations, 
analyses and discussions about various grassroots practices and 
partnerships.  Representatives from churches, foundations, the media, 
academia, local and national governments, NGOs, and the private sector 
are expected to attend.  For more information about this event, go to 
their web-site at:  

3. Country Report Cards Issued on Countries' Commitment to "Education 
For All": 183 country report cards were issued from local, national, and 
international NGOs at the World Education Forum in Dakar, Senegal on 
April 24-25, 2000. The report cards reviewed progress made by 
governments who had pledged at the World Conference on Education for All 
in 1990, to provide their children with access to quality basic 
education. Marks for the governments were based on intentions, actions, 
use of resources, quality of actions, and results achieved. Gender 
equality in education reflects a need for root changes in government 
policies. The current situation shows that two-thirds of all children 
who have no access to primary education are girls while global rates for 
women (74%) still lagging behind global literacy rates for men (85%). 
Meanwhile, many governments subsidize higher education (which tends to 
benefit the upper classes and men) at the expense of primary education 
(which tends to benefit the poor and in particular girls) by imposing 
user charges. Several identified target areas which affect girls' lower 
completion and achievement rates are:  access; unsafe school 
environments; biases in teacher behavior and training; and biases in 
teaching and learning processes, and curricula and textbooks. The Dakar 
conference reaffirms the international agreement on the 2015 target date 
for achieving quality primary education for all children in all 
countries. For more information on the World Education Forum and country 
report cards, go to:  <>.

4. International Symposium on: "International Perspectives: The 
Political, Social, and Economic Impact of Education on Women and Girls" 
Washington,  D.C., United States (17 November-18 November 2000):  The 
American Association of University Women (AAUW) Educational Foundation 
is sponsoring its first biennial international symposium. This symposium 
will explore how women from Africa, Latin America, the Pacific Rim, and 
the countries of the former Soviet Union have used their education to 
make social, political and economic changes in their countries.  
Participants will include policymakers, practitioners, and scholars.  
The focus of this conference will be to examine the impact women's 
economic, social and political contributions have on their communities.  
For more information or registration, check their web-site at:  
<>  Email:  <>  Fax:  
(1-202) 463-7169.

5. Featured Book from Women, Ink.:  Gender, Education and Training, ed.  
Caroline Sweetman, 1998, 80 pages. This collection of articles by 
development workers and researchers focuses on the role of education and 
training in promoting equality between women and men in all areas of 
development. They discuss a broad range of opportunities for learning 
and giving attention to both formal and informal education. A resource 
list includes books, journals, and websites.  Published in 1998.  80 
pages.  ISBN 0-85598-400-7.  WE422Y. US$12.95.
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