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>Subject: [ngo-csw-ny] Fw: reminder Grassroots women's International Academy
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>Subject: reminder Grassroots women's International Academy
>> The World Fair EXPO 2000 will be taking place this year for the first time
>> Germany. It will run for 153 days. Its themes are humankind, nature and
>> technology. And for the first time in history, poor women will have their
>> academy.
>> Grassroots women from around the world will be meeting to exchange the
>> various methods that have worked for them and to train other women to set
>> similar projects in their own communities. These women have created
>> to some of the most challenging problems of our times. Many have
>> in the Huairou Commission and the United Nations Develpment Program's MDGD
>> "Our Best Practice" campaign to secure their own knowledge base.
>> Sponsored by the Huairou Commission and Groots Internatonal, among others,
>> the Grassroots Women's International Academy will  be meeting one week a
>> month from June-October.  On the seventh day of each of the series,
>> grassroots women will meet with potential partners from the media,
>> foundations, academia, etc.
>> More specifically, the session from June 14-29 will include presentations
>> the mother centers, family homeopathic remedies, saving our forests,
>> engendering governance from the grassroots women's perspective and the
>> unit as an organizing tool. The July 7-13 session will include workshops
>> building neighborhood networks, participatory decision making and
>> development. The September 13-19 session  will feature workshops on peer
>> learning and partnership buildiing across  borders and combatting poverty
>> with sustainable farming. The October 10-16 session will include training
>> sessions on taking control of your own body, health care, housing for the
>> poor and women's peace building strategies.
>> Participants can register for whole or half day units. For more
>> and registration, contact by e-mail: or on the web
>> Other e-mail addresses are: or in
>> Germany,

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