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Subject: Fact Sheet Update # 6 (28 May 2000)

This Fact Sheet contains information regarding the Beijing+5 Process. =20
It is an effort to provide information as available.  New or changed=20
information will appear in future editions.  You are urged to share this=20
information with your fellow NGOs.  We welcome other NGOs to contact us=20
with their e-mail address, fax number, and/or mailing address so that we=20
can add them to our contact list.

Friday 2 June, 2 =96 5 pm, Dag Hammarskjold Plaza (47th Street between 1st=
and 2nd Avenues)

Hosted by the NGO Coordinating Committee (NGO CC), this outdoor event is=20
open to ALL NGOs.  The afternoon event will feature NGO speakers and=20
entertainment by women=1B$BCT=1B(B groups and individuals representing many=
different cultures.  Since it is an outdoor event, please be aware that=20
it may need to be canceled if the weather is bad.

Saturday 3 June, 9am =96 5pm, United Nations, Conference Room 4.  Seating=
in Conference room 4 is on a first-come/first-served basis with overflow=20
into conference rooms 3 and 2.

Registration is limited to NGO representatives who are accredited to the=20
Beijing+5 Special Session.  Registration forms are available on the=20
CONGO web site at (full=20
version) or (text only=20
version).  NGOs are urged to submit the online registration form as soon=20
as possible to simplify the on-site registration process.

On-site registration/information table will be staffed beginning=20
Wednesday 31 May at the United Nations, at a location to be determined=20
by the UN.  All NGO representatives who plan to attend the Working=20
Session must secure a =1B$BE4=1B(Bpecial Event=94 pass from the CONGO NGO W=
Session registration desk. Registration will also be possible on=20
Saturday 3 June beginning 8am.   It is suggested that NGOs register=20
on-site as soon as possible since the Working Session will begin=20
promptly at 9am.

NGOs who do not have annual UN grounds passes must register to attend=20
the resumed PrepCom that begins Tuesday 30 May.  The deadline for=20
registration requests is Monday 29 May.  These requests MUST be sent to=20
the UN Division for the Advancement of Women (DAW) via fax at=20
1+212-963-3463 or via e-mail at <> NO LATER THAN the end=20
of the business day (New York time) Monday 29 May.

NGOs without annual grounds passes who have requested registration for=20
the PrepCom should be aware that the lines may be long on Tuesday=20
morning.  DAW cannot guarantee they will be able to check in every NGO=20
representative who has not received their accreditation to the resumed=20
PrepCom before the meeting begins at 10am.=20

The international NGO Coordinating Committee will be organizing the NGO=20
Morning briefings beginning Thursday 1 June and continuing through=20
Friday 9 June from 9-10am daily (weekdays) in Conference Room 4.

The Conference of NGOs (CONGO) is an international, not-for-profit membersh=
ip association that facilitates the participation of NGOs in United Nations=
 debates and decisions.  Founded in 1948, CONGO's major objective is to ens=
ure the presence of NGOs in exchanges among the world's governments and Uni=
ted Nations agencies on issues of global concern. For more information, con=
777 United Nations Plaza, 8th Floor
New York, NY 10017
212-986-8557 (tel)
212-986-0821 (fax)
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