Subject: [fem-women2000 248] Re: TRAINING WORKSHOP ON CEDAW (fwd)
From: lalamaziwa <>
Date: Fri, 19 May 2000 02:30:05 +0900
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Subject: ANNOUNCE: Need to Re-apply for the CEDAW Training Workshop in June
author: iwtc <>
date: 00.05.18
IWTC has been advised that several registrations for this workshop sent 
to Shula Koenig of the People's Decade for Human Rights Education 
(PDHRE) were accidentally lost due to a computer mishap at PDHRE 
headquarters this morning, Wednesday 17 May, 2000.

All those who have contacted PDHRE regarding registration for the 
workshop are asked to resend their registrations to both e-mails listed 
below, i.e <> and <>

Many thanks for your understanding

Anne S. Walker

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>Date: Tue, 16 May 2000 16:53:16 -0700
>From: iwtc <>
>(Convention On the Elimination Of All Forms Of Discrimination Against 
>At the Beijing + 5 United Nations General Assembly' Special Session,
> (June  5- 9, 2000)
>Participants who are coming to the meeting in New York are invited to 
>register for an intensive training of trainers workshop where experts 
>and resource people from  three organizations (listed below), will share 
>methodologies and strategies for training within your communities on 
>CEDAW and its Optional Protocol,  with a special focus on economic, 
>social and cultural rights. Resource people will include CEDAW experts.
>The objective of the workshop is to train women who are committed to 
>training others in their communities, about one of the most important 
>legal andpolitical tools for advocacy and action available to us for 
>promoting the human rights of women. Videos and manuals prepared 
>especially for this purpose will be used in the training.
>The workshops will be held for 2 days: One day in English and one day in 
>Registration is open to one of the two days to:
>-Representatives of non governmental organizations, and
>- Members of government delegations to Beijing plus Five
>Admission is free, but enrollment is limited.  Register now! 
>Participants at the workshop will receive, free of charge, a kit 
>including a video tape containing 8 dramas and a manual for 
>facilitators. (English, French and Spanish). Participants will be asked 
>to commit time to share their acquired knowledge and materials with 
>others in their country.
>Location of workshops: Austrian Mission to the UN, 45th and 1st Ave, New 
>York, NY 10017, USA.
>Agenda and date will be confirmed after the 15th of May.
>Individuals and organizations interested may request registration,  
>including reasons for wanting to participate, to any one of the three 
>organizations listed below.
>1. People's Decade for Human Rights Education (PDHRE). New York, USA 
>Tel:  (1-212) 749-3156. Fax: (1-212) 666-6325.  E mail: . 
>2. Latin American and Caribbean Committee for the Defense of Women's 
>Rights (CLADEM). 
>Lima, Peru.  Tel: (51-1) 463-9237: Fax: (51-1) 463-5898.  E mail: 
>3. Instituto de Genero, Derecho y Desarrollo (INSGENAR).  Rosario, 
>Tel/ Fax: (54-341) 425-2242.  E mail: <>

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