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Subject: Fact Sheet Update # 5 (27 April 2000)

This Fact Sheet contains information regarding the Beijing+5 Process.
It is an effort to provide information as available.  New or changed
information will appear in future editions.  You are urged to share this
information with your fellow NGOs.  We welcome other NGOs to contact us
with their e-mail address, fax number, and/or mailing address so that we
can add them to our contact list.

This Update is intended as a general overview of the Beijing+5 process.
We apologize to those NGOs who have been closely following this process
for whom some of this information will not be news.

"Women 2000: Gender Equality, Development and Peace for the 21st
Century," also known as Beijing+5, is the Special Session of the United
Nations General Assembly that will be held in New York on 5 - 9 June
2000.  The mandate of Beijing+5 is to review the progress made in
implementing the Beijing Platform for Action and to consider further
actions and initiatives.  More information about the Beijing+5 process
can be found on the CONGO web site (

There were two deadline dates with the Division for the Advancement of
Women (UN/DAW):
* 31 March 2000:  "Registration" for 1) NGOs with consultative status
with the Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) and 2) NGOs accredited to
the official Fourth World Conference for Women in Beijing, 1995.
* 5 April 2000: "Application" for NGOs formed after 1995.  The
application process is only for new NGOs who do not have consultative
status and who have been working to further the goals of the Beijing

UN/DAW does not yet have a final answer about the number of
representatives from each NGO who will be accredited to the Special
Session.  The letters of accreditation will be sent out in early May.
Only confirmation letters will be sent initially.  CONGO will send a
Fact Sheet Update to advise NGOs that the letters are being sent out.
CONGO will NOT be in a position to verify or check the accreditation
status of individual NGOs.  Please watch for the update.

Friday afternoon 2 June, location to be announced: an outdoor event to
which all NGOs are invited.  There will be entertainment, some welcoming
speeches and time to mingle informally.   Tentative time is 2-5pm.
Saturday 3 June at the United Nations.  Registration is limited to NGOs
accredited to the Special Session.  Forms will be sent to accredited
individuals by second week of May.
More information will be sent out as details are finalized.

* Letter of assignment on official letterhead of a media organization
>from the Publisher/ Assignment Editor or Bureau Chief. It should specify
the name and functional title of the journalist and the period of
coverage at the United Nations.
* Print media representatives may be required to submit two recent
issues of the publication.
* Independent production companies are required to provide a letter from
their broadcast organization.
* Photographers may be required to submit original tear sheets of photos
with credits of the organization.
* Journalists must present two forms of valid ID (e.g. press card, work
ID, driver's license); Non-US nationals must present their national
passport with the appropriate journalist visa; US nationals must present
proof of nationality.
* Press credentials issued by the United Nations are free of charge.
The Media Accreditation Centre is in the Pass and Identification Unit,
801, United Nations Plaza, on the corner of 45th Street & First Avenue.
Regular office hours are from 9:00 am to 12:45 pm and 2:00 pm to 4:45 pm
(January to mid September). During the General Assembly, the office
hours are from 9:00 am to 5:15 pm. The office is closed for lunch from
12:45 pm to 2:00 pm.

Check the UN web site for more information about media accreditation

Ambassador Linda Tarr-Whelan of the US Delegation has stated that the
United States government will alert all of its consular services
offices/embassies that a significant number of people will be applying
for visas in order to attend the Beijing+5 Special Session.  We
recommend that NGO representatives take all relevant documentation with
them when applying for their VISA.

The dates for the resumed PrepCom and Inter-sessional meetings are:
* 8 - 12 May (Monday  through Friday)
* 30 May - 2 June (Tuesday through Friday)

There are many activities going on in New York City during the Beijing+5
Special Session.  In addition to the official UN proceedings, there are
NGO events directly associated with the official proceedings and other
NGO events of interest.  Different groups are facilitating/organizing
these events.  To help NGOs contact the most appropriate organization,
please consult the following list:

* NGO registration and application process for the Beijing+5 Special
Session.  Contact Koh Miyaoi, or fax 1+212-963-3463 for
registration form.  Deadline for registering was Friday 31 March 2000.
Deadline for applying was Wednesday 5 April 2000.
* Accreditation to the Special Session.  DAW will send notification of
accreditation in early May.
* NGO meeting space requests within the United Nations building.
Contact: Koh Miyaoi (see contact information above).  Deadline for all
space requests was Saturday 15 April 2000.  The Division and CONGO are
coordinating space allocation.  Confirmation letters will be sent out
the second week of May.

* Coordinating communication with NGOs and ensuring wide dissemination
of information about the Beijing+5 review process
* NGO Working Session - registration forms will soon be available on the
CONGO web site (
* Facilitating the collection of national and regional NGO alternative
reports (deadline for submitting alternative/shadow reports was Saturday
15 April 2000) and playing a role in their dissemination
* Liaising with the UN/DAW and other UN agencies/departments as
* Coordinating on-site NGO services at the UN during official sessions
* Contact CONGO, or fax 1+212-986-0821

CONGO (Conference of NGOs in Consultative Relationship with the United
* Secretariat for the NGO Coordinating Committee
* NGO meeting space requests for the Church Center (CCUN) across the
street from the UN building.  Requests for space must be on the meeting
request form available on the CONGO web site (
CONGO will do its best to accommodate all requests fairly, but has
limited space with which to work.   Contact Tsinu Tesfaye, CONGO,
Beijing+5 Coordinator, or fax 1+212-687-7352.
Deadline for space requests is Sunday 30 April 2000.   Confirmation
letters will be sent out at the same time as those from the Division
(see above).
* Disseminating information about the Beijing+5 process to all
interested NGOs

* Facilitating educational and celebratory events at the U.S. Customs
House, One Bowling Green (near Battery Park in lower Manhattan) -
registration necessary; form is available on Host Committee web site.
Deadline for registration: 15 May.
* Coordinating a Calendar of Events on their web site of Beijing+5
events occurring throughout New York City with links to the organizer's
* Review for more information.
The Conference of NGOs (CONGO) is an international, not-for-profit
membership association that facilitates the participation of NGOs in United
Nations debates and decisions.  Founded in 1948, CONGO's major objective is
to ensure the presence of NGOs in exchanges among the world's governments
and United Nations agencies on issues of global concern. For more
information, contact:
777 United Nations Plaza, 8th Floor
New York, NY 10017
212-986-8557 (tel)
212-986-0821 (fax)

-- lalamaziwa

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