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グローバルネット第143号は、女性2000年会議に向けて CONGO で集約している
NGO レポートの集まり具合についてのアップデート情報です。
レポートを提出する方は、4月15日までに CONGO 宛に送付のこと。

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 Subject: Women's GlobalNet 143

IWTC Women's GlobalNet #143
Activities and Initiatives of Women Worldwide

By Anne S. Walker

March  31, 2000

JUNE, 2000

The Conference of Non Governmental Organizations in Consultative 
Relationship with the United Nations (CONGO), in collaboration with the 
NGO Coordinating Committee for Beijing Plus Five, is collecting 
alternative reports from NGOs worldwide with a view to collating them, 
possibly adding a foreword on highlights, and making them available at 
the UN General Assembly Special Session (UNGASS) on Beijing plus Five  
in June. The deadline for receiving alternative reports is April 15, 

Here is the list of alternative reports received as of March  27, 2000 
by CONGO. If you believe that your report has been sent but it is not on 
the list, or if you wish to send an alternative report but have 
questions you need answering, contact CONGO at <>. (Mail 
address and fax at bottom of page).

Please send your alternative report via e-mail or on a floppy disk. If 
the report needs to be retyped for inclusion in the collection, CONGO is 
not able to do this. Therefore an electronic version would be best.

List of alternative reports received by CONGO as of March 27, 2000

1. Europe and North America
-Eastern Europe
1. Albania - Millennium Women Network and AWF
2. Bulgaria - WAD
3. Macedonia - 2 - UWOM
4. Moldova Republic - Gender Center
5. Poland - Women's Association for Gender Equality
6. Romania - AnA
7. Russia
8. Slovakia
9. Ukraine 

-Western Europe
- European Union - regional report - EW Lobby
1. Belgium -4 in Fr and Engl -CFD
2. Canada - 3 -CFA, YWCA- paper version only, Manitoba reports
3. Denmark - WCD
4. Finland - FNGOCB
5. Germany - HBF
6. Holy See -  Catholics for Choice 
7. Ireland - NWCI
8. Portugal
9. San Marino
10. Spain - Sp and Fr
11. Sweden - FCWS
12. The Netherlands - PA2000
13. Norway - Fokus
14. Northern Ireland - NIWEP -3- paper version only
15. UK - 2- popular and complete -WNC
16. US -WEDO -  preliminary -paper only

2. Western Asia
- Arab regional report - JNCW
1. Iran - 3 NCWDI and Women's Solidarity Association, CNWN - paper 
version only
2. Turkey
3. Pakistan - NGOCC -paper version only

3. Latin America- Caribbean
- Lima Consensus- paper version only
- Caribbean sub-regional  alternative report

4. Africa
- Regional - from Addis Ababa regional meeting
1. Ghana - NETRIGHT
2. Nigeria - Laos Zone - paper version only
3. South Africa - WNC - paper only
4. Sudan - National NGO Forum - paper version only
5. Zambia - NGOCCZ - paper only

5.Asia and the Pacific
- Regional - Asia Pacific Lobbying document
- East Asian report
- Gender, poverty and HR in Asia and the CIS
- Pacific Regional YWCA
1. Australia - 3 -WRANA, ANGWO, Institute of the Sisters of Mercy 
2. Bangladesh - 2 NCBPR, Women for Women  
3. Cambodia- GAD Network for Cambodia
4. China -All China Women's Federation - 
5. Indonesia - INGO Communication Forum for Women -paper version only
6. India- IWM -paper version only
7. Japan -4 - NGO, Bar Association, Successful Women, New Japan Women 
	paper version only
8. Korea- KWNGON - paper version only
9. Pakistan- paper version only
10. Thailand - 2 -Thai Women Watch and Bangkok University, The 
Federation of Business and Professional Women's Association

Thematic reports:
1. American Association of Family and Consumer Sciences- paper version 
2. WomenSport International and Women's Sport Foundation
3. Medecins du Monde- paper version only
4. SOROPTIMIST International- paper version only
5. Women Migrant Workers in Asia Region -GAD, APDC - Asia Network on 
   Women and International Migration
6. Report on the Trafficking of  Women
7. Mujeres  Indigenas - Comision de Instrumentos Internacionales del 
   Enlace Continental
8. Fraternite Notre Dame
9. Confederation International de Organizaciones Sindicales Libres
10. Federacion Democratica Internacional de Mujeres - paper version only
11. Woman and Media: An Analysis of Section J (WomenAction 
12. CFTU- paper version only
13. Women and Health Workshop - ARROW
14. Domestic violence -ACWF and CWGADV-paper version only


-COUNTRY REPORTS- 63 from 43 countries

For more details regarding these alternative reports, please contact:

Rebecca Nichols, Executive Director
CONGO, 8th Floor, 
777 United Nations Plaza, New York, NY 10017, USA.
Fax: (1-212) 986-0821. E-mail: <>


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